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CATALOGUE 2016-2017 - 2

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT SUEVIA SUEVIA HAIGES GmbH Founded in 1923 the company is now in the hands of the 3rd generation of the Haiges family. The company is located in Kirchheim am Neckar between Stuttgart and Heilbronn and lies in the middle of Swabia, which in old maps was called ”SUEVIA”, the land of the ”Suebs”. The company’s name is therefore derived from this earlier geographical area. The region itself is world-renowned for its inventors and excellent products and we feel bound to uphold these traditions. Currently approximately 150 employees produce in house all the components for...

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CATALOGUE 2016-2017 - 3

TABLE OF CONTENTS AND SYMBOL EXPLANATION All prices are valid for industrial, commercial and trade enquiries as well as for other occupational individuals. The prices can be subject to alteration; they are binding following receipt of our order confirmation or in the case that parts are ex-stock upon delivery. Subject to availability we reserve the right to modify products resulting from further development, changes in model or type and cannot be held responsible for any printing errors. Due to the printing constraints the colors of products may sometimes differ to those shown in the...

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CATALOGUE 2016-2017 - 4

DRINKING BOWLS FOR CATTLE Drinking Bowls for Cattle The following gives you an insight into the SUEVIA drinking bowl program for cattle. Our cast iron drinking bowls are coated with a high-quality enamel finish, which provides an excellent and hygienic surface protection for years. In this category you will find drinking bowls made of highquality cast iron, stainless steel, plastic or polyethylene. For free stalls we can offer you a large range of heated or frostprotected drinking bowls. For dairy cows you can choose between compact high-capacity valve trough drinkers or large voluminous...

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CATALOGUE 2016-2017 - 5

DRINKING BOWLS FOR CATTLE Drinking Вowls with a Tongue Valve Drinking bowls with a tongue valve are the classic model. The valve is actuated through pressure on the tongue and the water flows into the drinking bowl. We recommend drinking bowls with tongue valves mainly for cattle with horns or for easy to care for animals with a nose ring. Cleaning the bowl regularly is of great importance as dirt particles and feeding leftovers are likely to adhere to the back of the activation tongue. In the 1980s therefore SUEVIA had already developed the very first drinking bowls with a tube valve in...

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CATALOGUE 2016-2017 - 6

DRINKING BOWLS FOR CALVES Drinking Bowl with Drink Inducer Model 370 with ½" brass valve •• Bowl made of cast iron, completely enamelled, easy to clean •• Always fresh and clean water – no risk of dirty water as in the case of drinking bowls with float valve •• Smoothly running tube valve even at high water pressure of max. 6 bar •• Valve can be operated from all sides •• With enticement basin behind the tube valve, which encourages the animals to drink on their own •• Calm water flow through tube valve •• ½" female connection from the top 90° •• Water flow continuously adjustable from...

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CATALOGUE 2016-2017 - 7

DRINKING BOWLS FOR CALVES Drinking Bowl Model 10P •• Bowl made of top quality AQUATHAN plastic •• Extremely flexible, flexes on impacts, shock-resistant •• No sharp edges, no risk of injury •• Smoothly running brass tube valve with ½" male connection from the top •• Calm water flow through tube valve, with enticement basin •• Water flow regulation by enlarging the nozzle boring ACCESSORIES: •• 1 fixing bracket (Order Ref. 131.0169) for fixation on 1½" – 2" pipes RECOMMENDED FOR: Calves, horses 100.0010 Drinking bowl Mod. 10P 131.0169 Fixing bracket M12 1½" – 2", galvanized Packing Hints 10...

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CATALOGUE 2016-2017 - 8

DRINKING BOWLS FOR CALVES Drinking Bowl with Float Valve Model 130P (plastic) for max. 5 bar Order Ref. 100.0130 Model 130P-N (plastic) for max. 1 bar Order Ref. 100.0131 Model 340 (cast iron, enamelled) for max. 5 bar Order Ref. 100.0340 •• Large bowl made of UV-resistant AQUATHAN plastic or cast iron, black enamelled •• Float valve allowing quick water flow Mod. 130P, 130P-N: 300 •• Mod. 130P + 130P-N: with plug for quick drainage •• Removable cover in stainless steel ø13 115 •• No sharp edges, no risk of injury! 150 130 •• Constant water level – simple adjustment ½" •• Mod. 130P +...

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CATALOGUE 2016-2017 - 9

NIPPLE DRINKER FOR CALVES AND BULLS SUEVIA Nipple Drinker for Calves and Bulls Model 326 Order Ref. 180.0326-1 •• Robust mouthpiece made of stainless steel •• Easy adjustment of water quantity to the existing water pressure by exchanging the enclosed nozzles ½" •• ½" male connection 15 ACCESSORIES: •• Wall angle, cast iron (Order Ref. 101.0328) •• Protection bracket for nipple drinker for calves and bulls, 120 galvanized (Order Ref. 181.0327), inclusive mounted wall angle Model 328, made of cast iron, with ½" connection possibility from top and bottom, suited for wall and pipe fixation,...

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CATALOGUE 2016-2017 - 10

FROST-PROTECTED NIPPLE DRINKER FOR BULLS AND CALVES Circuit Pipe with Height Regulation for 1 Nipple Drinker Mod. 326 •• Massive construction in hot-galvanized steel •• ¾" circuit pipe in stainless steel •• 2 male connections in ¾" (on the top) should be connected to a flexible rubber hose, which ensures a flexible height adjustment •• Mount the nipple as much as possible in the corner for best protection. You can use one of the exits for the nipple, see "top view". ACCESSORIES: •• Nipple drinker Mod. 326 (Order Ref. 180.0326-1, 1 piece in blister) •• SUEVIA Heating Units with power of 3 to...

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CATALOGUE 2016-2017 - 11

HEATED DRINKING BOWLS FOR BULLS AND CATTLE SUEVIA Steel Post for Mod. 25R •• Robust Steel Post helps to protect drinking bowls against blows and impacts of bulls (or other animals). The force of jumping bulls is transferred to the post, preventing a crash of the drinking bowl. •• Made of thick hot-galvanized steel •• Suitable for drinking bowl Mod. 25R, drinking height 80 cm. •• Inclusive fastening material for the drinking bowl •• Mounting on a wall or on a post possible •• Special holes are foreseen for installation between the gates, as well as for mounting of the heating element and of...

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