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INNOVATIVE IDEAS LEADING THE INDUSTRY. Sukup Manufacturing Co. has come a long way from its start in a welding shop in 1963. Companywide, Sukup now has over one million square feet of office and manufacturing space filled with the most advanced metal fabricating equipment. With over 80 patents, Sukup manufactures a full line of equipment for in-bin drying and storage, as well as dryers, farm and commercial grain bins, material handling equipment and steel buildings. Sukup continues to grow and is the fastest growing bin company of the decade. No matter how much the company grows, one thing...

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The Little Things Matter... A Lot Sukup’s dedication to quality doesn’t stop with the “big things”. We obsess over the little things, like bolts, too. • Bolts on Sukup Grain Bins are SAE Grade 8.0 (highest standard in the industry) with 1000-hour plating. • Polyethylene washers are used on the bolts that join the sidewall sheets to form a weather-tight bond. Bolt Grade • All vertical seams are bolted in the peak and valley. Rolled Flange or Base Angle Yield Tensile Strength (psi) Strength (psi) Most Sukup Farm Bins are available with either a rolled flange bottom sheet or bolt-on base...

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AT THE TOP: SUKUP ROOF RUNGS & LADDERS All Sukup Bins are equipped with eave-to-peak roof ladder rungs. Inside and outside ladders are needed for your safety and are available to your preference. Handrails are continuous and rungs are securely fastened so they can’t turn and sealed, eliminating the need for plugs. Rungs have a rounded design, eliminating sharp edges. Steps around the perimeter of the fill hole are standard and increase safety and convenience when working around the top of the bin. Cages are available for outside ladders for increased safety. Manhole access platforms,...

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SUKUP BIN DOORS: STRONG & VERSATILE • Sukup offers two bin door designs - a 66” door and a 44” door for taller bins. Check with your dealer for details on which doors are available on your Sukup Bin. • Both doors are made of heavy-gauge, galvanized steel and are factoryassembled for a good fit and seal. • Sukup Outer Bin doors feature a reversible hinge that allows the door to open to the left or right, whichever works best for your system. • The top and bottom latches on the outer door are connected for one-hand operation. ON THE INSIDE: INNER BIN DOOR • Sukup has designed a truly...

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Extra-Strong Farm Roof: 5000 lb. Sukup has designed our 15’ - 48’ diameter bins with a rating of 5000 lbs., evenly distributed on peak ring as pure vertical peak load with uniformly distributed roof snow load calculated from 40 psf ground snow zone or 105 mph wind zone by ASCE7-10 (for comparison, this is equivalent to a 12,000 lb. vertical load if based on 30 psf ground snow zone with a 36’ bin). An optional 8000 lb. roof is available on 42’ and 48’ bins. The strength of Sukup roofs starts with high-strength steel. Each roof sheet is then rigidized every 4” to increase the stiffness of the...

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Man-Sized Access: Larger Manhole Sukup designed our bin roofs with a larger manhole - an oval opening that measures 20” x 35.5” - making it a comfortable fit for most operators. Fines and water won’t collect in lid! • Allows over 5 ft2 of air exhaust area. • A formed lip and rubber gasket keep rain and snow out of the bin. • The cover fits securely over the lip, preventing any moisture leakage. • Special latches hold the manhole cover firmly in place. The latches can be easily released from the ladder side. • When open, the door lays flat against the roof, eliminating the mess of water and...

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PROPER VENTILATION: SUKUP ROOF VENTS True to our mission to provide the greatest value for your money, Sukup has developed a roof vent that not only does the job of releasing moisture from the bin, but it also protects the bin roof. Standard 80° Sukup’s exclusive (patent pending) 18” poly vents are virtually indestructible. Debris deflectors prevent dirt, fines and other trash from collecting behind the vent. 2.25 square foot opening Exclusive built-in debris deflectors. Sukup roof sheets can be pre-punched for 18” roof vents. Pre-punching produces an extra-tall (11/8”) lip that works as a...

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No One Knows Drying Like Sukup For over 50 years Sukup has been making grain drying more efficient and profitable. We have the equipment to do the job, and do it right, including bins designed for the stresses of in-bin drying. Our standard stiffened and non-stiffened bins are designed for stir drying with 3 or fewer down auger stirring machines. If you’re using a continuous flow drying system with a horizontal bottom unload, a top dry system, a recirculator system with a center, vertical unload or a stirring machine with 4 or more down augers, a Sukup Heavy Gauge Drying Bin is the bin you...

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Figures shown in black apply to all Sukup Farm Bins. Figures shown in green apply only to Sukup Stiffene

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Sdwfc STIFFENED FARM BINS Sukup offers a full line of bins to meet the needs of virtually any grain operation. The chart below may be used as a selection tool. Of course, your local Sukup dealer is your best resource for developing the ideal system to meet your needs. Economical Strength: Adding stiffeners to a bin allows the use of lighter gauge sidewall sheets without sacrificing structural strength; thereby, making a stiffened bin more economical. • Provide excellent structural stability against grain, wind and seismic loads. • Transfer roof loads directly to the foundation resulting in...

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COMMERCIAL BINS Sukup vs. the Competition: Commercial Stiffeners • Not all stiffeners are designed alike, and not all stiffeners perform alike. • Sukup commercial stiffeners are made from 70,000 psi tensile strength steel. Load Capacity* • Our computer-engineered shape was developed specifically to make them the strongest on the market. • Our 60,000 lb. effective load capacity shows that we’ve succeeded in meeting our objective and the chart to the right proves it*. • Three stiffeners/sidewall is available. Double-Ended Stud Bolts Double ended stud bolts eliminates water infiltration...

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