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The Solution for Perfect Seed Beds

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The once over operation that tills, mulches, culti vates, and firms the soil for planting. Prepares the ideal seed bed for corn, silage, alfalfa and grains, potatoes, sugar beets and much more. The Schmeiser Till an' Bedder employs a front Til I an' Pak™ roller, 2 or 4 rows of S-Tines, leveling bar and rear Till an' Pak roller to provide a highly effective combination for superior results. Completely mobile with in-cab hydraulic controls, the Till an' Bedder is available in 12ft. to 30ft. widths with a choice of tubes and rings to fit your individual crop requirements. The front Till an'...

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HYDRAULIC FOLDING TILL AN' BEDDER The Folding Till an’ Bedder is the ultimate seed bed machine. Designed for maximum mobility, the Schmeiser Folding Till an' Bedder provides expanded working widths up to 30ft., and folds up for easy transport. Operator controlled from the tractor seat for convenience and safety, the Folding Till an' Bedder incorporates an unique counter balance valve and flow divider mechanism to ensure uniform motion of the wings. 2 BAR AND 4 BAR TILL AN' BEDDERS Both styles of Till an' Bedders feature heavy wall main frame construction, heavy-duty S-Tines, hydraulic...

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• Optional V Wide Rear Roller - Helps eliminate ridge left by outside S-Tines or Leveling Bar • Rear Trail Hitch TB4-Q 2 Bar and 4 Bar Models FTB-RTH Folding Models • Hydraulic S-Tine Adjustment (Replaces manual adjustment) TB2-HYDST 2 Bar Models TB4-HYDST 4 Bar Models FTB-HYDST Folding Models (uses series cylinders) • Front Split Roller Changes single front roller assembly into two (2) front rollers with a bearing hanger in the middle. Helps reduce bearing stress and soil push on the front roller assembly. Available on wider 2 Bar and 4 Bar non-folding models (16ft. to...

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