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Bantam Leveler™ - 1

The Solution for Orchard Leveling Requirements

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Bantam Leveler™ - 2

MODEL 77 LEVELER ” One of the most versatile tools you can use. It levels, smooths, pulverizes the soil, fills depressions, and packs it all in one operation.

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Bantam Leveler™ - 3

The Bantam Leveler is an economical solution for the price conscious grower who needs to efficiently move a lot of dirt and firm the nd. This leveler smooths the orchard ile at the same time firming it up.

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Bantam Leveler™ - 4

• ADJUSTABLE SIDE TRAP DOORS • 8 FT.-18 FT. WIDE • CAT II & III (Also CAT II & III Quick Hitch) • ADJUSTABLE BLADES • OPTIONAL BERM SCRAPERS (Standard and Roller Models) Challenge: Orchard ground is not level from trash left from harvest or ruts from tractor tires. During irrigation water tends to run on one side or the other, but never evenly down the rows. Solution: The Schmeiser "V" Blade Leveler is the ideal pre- and post-harvest tool for leveling orchards floors. The "V" Blade Leveler will knock down the high spots and fill in the low areas with a single pass. The idea is simple....

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Bantam Leveler™ - 5

VBL STANDARD MODEL ELIMINATES RUTS AND HIGH SPOTS The Schmeiser V-Blade is the ideal tool to level out (side to side) your orchard. Use it in the springtime to remove ruts left by the sprayer, in the summertime for harvest prep and in the fall to eliminate the crowns left in the middles from harvest. The adjustable Side Trap Doors allow excess trash (or soil) to flow to the outside. Use the Keyhole Mounts to drag a tire behind to feather out any ridges for a smooth finish. Berm Scrapers are available. VBL-R ROLLER MODEL The Schmeiser V-Blade Roller Model handles sticks, rocks and trash...

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Bantam Leveler™ - 6

THE RIGHT TOOL FOR ORCHARD HARVEST PREPARATION Easy bucket adjustment Low clearance height Large bucket capacity 20" smooth roller Economical Five-position offset hitch allows the leveler to work under trees while the tractor stays in the center of the rows • Rear roller scraper blade included • Fluid may be added to rear roller for additional weight for better soil compaction

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Bantam Leveler™ - 7

ENGINEERED AND DESIGNED TO DO A BETTER JOB IN A SINGLE PASS This is one of the most versatile tools you can use. It levels, smooths, pulverizes the soil, fills depressions, and packs it all in one operation. With dual pivot points, the Model 77 Leveler turns tight at the end of each row. The Model 77 Leveler is extremely maneuverable in open field and orchard applications. The front roller section is equipped with a Till an' Pak unit that breaks clods and pulverizes the soil. The center section has a heavy duty bucket that fills holes and levels. The rear section is equipped with a 20"...

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Bantam Leveler™ - 8

V-BLADE LEVELER (Standard Model) Model Size Overall Width* Overall Length V-BLADE/ROLLER LEVELER (Roller Model) Model VBL-08R VBL-09 R VBL-10R VBL-11 R VBL-12R VBL-13R VBL-14R VBL-15R VBL-16R VBL-17R VBL-18R Size Overall Width 8’ (2.4m) 8’6” (2.6m) BANTAM LEVELER Model Size MODEL 77 LEVELER Model Size Tube & Ring Size Weight Turning Radius Schmeiser reserves the right to make improvements in design and changes in specifications at any time without incurring any obligation to install them on units previously sold.

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