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TILL AN’ PAK™ Efficient farming operations throughout the country have relied on the dependability of the SCHMEISER TILL AN’ PAK to meet a wide range of farming demands. The secret of the TILL AN' PAK system lies in the exclusive floating teeth design that reaches into the soil like gentle, yet thorough fingers - breaking and smashing clods, pulverizing, mulching, filling holes and sealing in fertilizers and fumigants. The TILL AN' PAK breaks up crust caused by rain or irrigation, yet allows young plants to come through without damage. Engineered to work in conjunction with many other farm...

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The SCHMEISER TILL AN' PAK is designed to provide a versatile, cost-effective solution to soil working for many industries. Years of proven performance in the demanding agricultural arena, the TILL AN' PAK also brings efficiency and reliability for landscapers, and golf course contractors. Breaks clods and mulches the soil for perfect ground prep of hydro-seeding, broadcast seeding or sod work on fairways, playgrounds or soccer fields.

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Maximum mobility; provides an expanded working width of up to 34' that can be folded for narrow transport. Operator controlled from tractor seat for safety and convenience. Unique valve system allows for uniform and equal motion of the wings. Available in fifteen widths from 20' to 34'; 14/20 ring size standard. Ideal for more compact narrow wheel applications; fits on existing Till an' Pak frames. Perfect for vineyard or orchard use. Fits units 4' to 1 O' with 12/16, 1 3/1 7 or 14/20 rings. Bolts on to each end of existing new-style Till an' Paks; provides one-lever convenience for field...

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CHOOSE DOMESTIC TO BE SURE: EXCLUSIVE CURVED TOOTH DESIGN Engineered to aggressively till one direction and provide firm packing in the opposite direction. SMOOTH FINISH Eliminates rough or porous textures to help reduce soil plugging. QUALITY HIGH GRADE CAST IRON Schmeiser rings are cast from the highest quality materials available. Our rings are designed for greater strength and longer wear. THE RIGHT SIZE FOR THE RIGHT JOB: SIZE WEIGHT CHARACTERISTICS 10/14 14 LBS. For firm ground with few clods; breaks crust without packing the soil. 12/16 19 lbs. For ground with small...

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ACCESSORIES THE SCHMEISER SMOOTH AN’ ROLL -FLAT OUT PERFORMANCE For use with mechanical harvesting and for firming up seed bed soils; ideal for forcing rocks back into soil. Water-filling increases weight advantage. THE SCHMEISER FLOAT Designed in matching widths to attach to existing Till an' Pak frames; ideal for cutting high spots and filling in low spots to help smooth the ground. 3-POINT HITCH Easily bolts on to existing Till an' Pak pull frame. Allows unit to be used as 3-Point or as a Pull-type roller. • TPP 3501 3Pt Hitch for Cat 1 & 2 For Till an' Paks and Smooth an’ Rolls to 13‘ •...

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TILL AN' PAK Tube Ring Ring Lbs. per Dia Size Flex Foot Standard Till an' Paks are available in widths from 2' to 24' in single units, and In squadrons of 1' up to 36'. MISCELLANEOUS ATTACHMENTS Part Descnption Est. Wt. FLOAT Lbs/Ft. 24 Available from 2 ft to 16 ft wide. Easily bolts onto existing Tfl an' Pak frame; both new and old style. Float working width and overall width are the same. Order Float size to match the rolling width of the Till an' Pak. SQUADRON ARMS (PAIR) T-P Trail Unit Wdth 2 ft 3 ft 4 ft 5 ft Easily attaches to Till an’ Pak. When ordering,...

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