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Here’s what T-L owners are saying… T-L is the manufacturer of hydraulically powered pivot irrigation systems that undergo thousands of hours of product research and testing for quality and performance. T-L’s plant encompasses more than 40 acres, 18 buildings, plus a state-of-the-art galvanizing plant and tubing mill. Eliminate the “SPOKING” effect caused by the start-stop operation of electricallypowered pivot irrigation systems and get the benefits of even water distribution and maintenance cost savings Keeping it Simple Electric Center Pivot Don’t have a QR Code Reader? Just open the mobile browser on your smartphone and visit Surviving the Sands of Time “The T-L machines have been in operation since 1980 and have accumulated at least 130,000 hours each. There is no doubt that T-L pivots are a quality brand and well-engineered.” – Jack King, Saudi Arabia T-L Irrigation Company 151 East Hwy 6 & AB Road · P.O. Box 1047 Hastings, Nebraska 68902-1047 USA Phone: 1-800-330-4264 · Fax: 1-800-330-4268 Phone: (402) 462-4128 · Fax: (402) 462-4617 · T-L | Proven Technology that Works! Quick Tows “The bottom line is ‘they run’ and with very little maintenance, after 34 years, it just keeps going. It still has the original gearboxes and motors.” – LaMoine Smith, Minden, Nebraska “Our ground has a lot of rolling terrain so we just liked the idea that the machines aren’t stopping and starting every few feet.” – James and Jason Yarbro, Dukedom, Tennessee Recover your lost production with T-L. “Our three electric center pivot irrigation units will give me more trouble this year and take up more of my time than all 13 of our T-L units combined. I just know they will, because that has certainly been the case in the past.” – Darren and Garrett Stallwitz, Dumas, Texas The Saving Grace in a Year of Drought There’s No Time or Water to Waste IRRIGATION SYSTEMS T-L Home Office at Hastings, NE

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HYDROSTATICALLY POWERED FOR CONTINUOUS MOVEMENT. Hydrostatic Drive Management Control Options T-L’s hydrostatic drive offers many features not available Manual Speed and Direction Control Control speed and direction with two simple hydraulic valves. on electric pivots. Unlike the stop-and-go action of electric models, each tower on a T-L system moves Drive System Options Simple and Reliable Alignment Control T-L systems maintain alignment through the use of a Choose from two types of hydrostatic drives: simple hydraulic spool valve. The alignment system moves worm or planetary. Both provide...

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