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Tajfun Liv d.o.o. We are a specialized European company in manufacturing hydraulic loader cranes. With in-house development and production we have become an important manufacturer of equipment for handling timber and waste material. Forty years of experience in development, production and sales of cranes is our advantage and guarantee for reliable and quality products, made of material from renowned European producers. A wide range of cranes with capacity from �� to ��� kNm and outreach of up to ��.� m provides the users with the optimal choice regarding the type and requirements of the...

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TAJFUN LIV Catalogue - 3

High reliability cranes The EN 12999 standard distinguishes timber handling cranes from other cranes. Timber handling cranes are intended exclusively for handling of timber by using grapples. Cranes for handling secondary raw material are for the purpose of safety at work equipped with over-centre valves and stability system of new generation. Cranes' slewing range of 425° ensures efficient and smooth work. The control valves, from well-renowned manufacturers, enable soft, precise and at the same time fast operation without any jerky movements. Accessories include various equipments for...

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TAJFUN LIV Catalogue - 4

»LIV 60Z« Transversely folding cranes take the minimum installation space in transport position on the truck and possess excellent working characteristics. Cranes with capacity of 60 kNm were developed specially for loading short wood. Although these cranes were designed for this purpose, they are more and more used to handle waste materials.

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TAJFUN LIV Catalogue - 6

»LIV 80Z« Transversely folding cranes take the minimum installation space in transport position on the truck and possess excellent working characteristics. Cranes with capacity of 80 kNm were developed for handling of short wood. They are manufactured with outreach from 7.3 to 8.5 m with single or double telescope. Although these cranes were designed for handling with wood, they are more and more used also for handling of waste materials.

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TAJFUN LIV Catalogue - 8

»LIV 120Z - LIV 300ZinF« »Z« cranes have been the best sellers in recent years. Transversely folding or »Z« cranes in transport position on a truck take the least installation space and possess excellent work characteristics. A power link on the main boom provides good lifting characteristics in the entire range of operation. These cranes are distinguished from other »Z« models by a new generation of boom systems with inner hoses and double extension of outriggers till 5.5m which enables the best stability among all cranes on the market. Cranes were developed for loading short wood and...

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TAJFUN LIV Catalogue - 12

Transversely folding cranes which besides all advantages of »Z« cranes enable mounting on hook lifts and trucks where there is a lack of space for positioning of the boom system. It is achieved with a very compact boom mechanism with a telescopic main boom enabling an improved kinematics. Due to their all - purpose possibilities these cranes can be used for handling different loads from waste materials to short wood and timbers. They are manufactured with outreach of 8.8 m and capacity from 102 to 156

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TAJFUN LIV Catalogue - 14

The »NZ« family is specialized cranes for working with waste materials. They combine all good qualities of the »Z« family cranes, but they have only one outer boom cylinder. The advantage of these models is the reduced possibility of outer boom cylinder damages when working with waste material, namely larger pieces of scrap metal. Besides this advantage a special construction allows the mounting of a polyp grapple up to 320 liters. They are manufactured in capacity range from 63 to 140 kNm in versions with one or two telescopic extensions.

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TAJFUN LIV Catalogue - 22

The »K« family cranes are distinguished by their power and robustness. During transport, these cranes can be parked longitudinally on the load or in the loading area. They are distinguished from other non-folding cranes by the power link between the main and outer boom. This enables additional increase of the lifting moment in the horizontal position. The K-cranes with a great variety of boom systems, single or double telescopic extension, comply with most of the customer requirements. These are versatile cranes for loading short and long timber and also waste materials. Besides the model...

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TAJFUN LIV Catalogue - 26

This family of cranes is distinguished by power and robustness. Besides advantages of other »K« models these cranes allow also very long outreaches. Due to their conception they can be used for truck as well as for stationary mounting and for loading long wood and waste materials. They are manufactured with capacities from 216 to 297 kNm and outreaches up to 14.5 m.

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TAJFUN LIV Catalogue - 28

Cranes equipment Hour counter Double extention stabilising bridge (from LIV 120 »Z« and »K«) LED pot lights on outer boom Overcentre valves and rated moment limiter LED Spot lights on top seat Controls of stabilizers by electro - hydraulic valves Danfoss High level of security guaranteed by cast lower part of column

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TAJFUN LIV Catalogue - 29

Cranes equipment Control panel with “STOP” switch Lifting cylinder protection Lateral valves Top Seat »Standard« Hose guard »CB« (Standard for LIV 60Z, LIV 80Z, LIV 80K, LIV 100K and »NZ«) P ower link on lifting cylinder Inner hoses on outer boom »CN« (Standard for »Z« and »K« models) Power link on »K« models Load moment limiter

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TAJFUN LIV Catalogue - 35

Development and production Stress and structure kinematics analyses, based on �D models, are performed by using the Finite Element Method (FEM). After the majority of critical points are eliminated in the design stage, the durability testing of the prototype is used to eliminate the weaknesses that the computer simulation was unable to detect. The result is a product able to withstand even the heaviest loads in all working environments. High product quality is ensured by compliance of cranes and accessories with European standards. All structural parts are made of �ine-grain micro-alloyed...

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