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WB1040DX - 1

■ Specification Chopping Whole Crop Harvesting-Baler Chopping Whole Crop Harvesting- High Grade Whole Crop Silage Engine & Fuel Harvesting Part Bale Part Overall Height(mm) Machine Weight(kg) Engine Output(kW{PS}) Rotational Speed(rpm) Fuel Tank Capacity(L) Harvesting Width(cm) Harvestable Height(cm) Bale Weight(kg) Bundling Method Overall Width(mm) Bale Size(cm) Cutting Length(cm) Overall Length(mm) Running Speed(m/sec) ※1. The bale diameter may vary depending on conditions of crops. Harvesting & Baling Combination ※2. Assuming a moisture content of 60% Lactic acid fermented silage Width 85cm

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