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Twine and Rope for Agriculture, Industry and Home Use Over 40 years of experience in the manufacture and marketing of twine and rope has made Tama one of the leading companies in this sphere. Tama’s vast experience combined with its agricultural orientation and close contact with customers has greatly contributed to Tama’s position in this market. Tama twines and ropes are manufactured from polypropylene with protective additives against UV radiation. Product Group Item Number Item Description Twine 200 Black x 900m Pack Twine 320 Black x 1440m Pack Twine 600 Black x 1100m Pack Twine Mega 600 Black x 1200m Pack Twine 900 Black x 1600m Pack Twine Mega 900 Black x 1800m Pack Twine 400 Black x 1800m Pack Twine 1200 Black x 4200m Pack Raffia XL Black x 8000m Pack Raffia 900 Black x 7200m Pack You need to choose exactly the right twine for your needs, So Tama is changing the rules of the game. From now on, the STRENGTH of the twine will be right there on the label of every spool of Tama twine. Tama’s guaranteed strength and length per spool give you Tama Plastic Industry a safe, reliable and Kibbutz Mishmar Ha’Emek 19236 cost-effective solution. Tel: +972 4 9899644 fax: +972 4 9899643 Site: E-mail: info@tama.

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