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Feature Story Stop Wasting Hay! John Deere B-Wrap™ Offers New Way to Preserve Bale Quality By Rodney Gasch B-Wrap works with most John Deere 7-, 8-, and 9-Series Round Balers equipped with a B-Wrap kit. tore round bales outdoors, through the winter, and you’ll likely get hit with a hefty “fine.” According to research from Oklahoma State University, round bales can lose between 5 and 20 percent of their dry matter just by sitting outside through winter. Ouch! And those dry-matter losses increase even more if the bale sits outside for a full year or more. Losing 20 percent is like tossing every fifth bale you make into a manure pile. But those losses are not really all that surprising when you consider that 20 percent of the dry-matter in a 6-foot diameter bale is in the outer four inches of the bale. There are ways to limit these quality losses — indoor storage, which is expensive; and plastic wrappers, which take time to apply, and tend to trap mold-producing condensation. But now there is a new way to wrap round bales that promises better protection of bale quality. The product is B-Wrap, jointly developed by the John Deere baler factory in Ottumwa, Iowa, and Tama, the Israeli company that manufactures netwrap for John Deere, and other companies worldwide. John Deere B-Wrap replaces the netwrap in your baler. Baling with B-Wrap is basically the same as baling with net. The big difference is that B-Wrap includes Tama Structured Composite Material (Tama SCM™). This material sheds rain, snow, and helps limit damage caused by ground moisture. Plus the Tama SCM has millions of tiny microscopic pores that let water vapor, inside the bale, escape. These microscopic pores are crucial to B-Wrap’s performance. “Round bales typically sweat after they are made, plus they absorb moisture during times of high humidity,” says Ron Amos, director of market development for Ambraco, the Dubuque, Iowa based company that distributes B-Wrap to John Deere dealers. “The Tama SCM lets tha

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John Deere B-WrapTM cape the bale. That’s why B-Wrap preserves bale quality much better than plastic wrap.” Another advantage of B-Wrap over plastic wrap is labor, says Zach Reiter, of Z & J Farms, Cascade, Iowa. They typically plastic wrapped some corn stover bales to hold over the winter. “But considering the cost of shrink wrapping, and the time associated with doing it,” says Reiter, “B-Wrap is much more conducive. We have better quality bales, they last longer, and it’s a lot faster to do.” So will the day come when B-Wrap replaces net in most round balers? “No,” says Ambraco’s Ron...

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Feature Story “B-Wrap will work on most John Deere 7-, 8-, and 9-Series Round Balers that are equipped for netwrap,” says Amos. “All that’s needed is a simple, dealer-installed B-Wrap kit. Once your baler has that kit, you can switch between net and B-Wrap in less than five minutes.” Amos, who has been testing B-Wrap on a variety of different crops, sees its application beyond hay. “Certainly much of the interest in B-Wrap has come from hay growers,” he notes, “but we are also seeing success with straw, corn stover, and peanut hay. In fact we’ve had a lot of interest from companies looking...

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