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ElastiNet - 1

/ he, atzmatefacte* wrap AT atfVtomo ■^^>-El€IStiNet - a powerful new pallet wrap with stretch and outstanding snap-back capabilities. ^hClastiNet- with unique Reflex-Action — stretches to grip any shipment size or shape, and amazingly retracts to nearly its original dimension—without stretching your budget. ElcisflNet - the latest generation of TAMA's advanced pallet wraps. "J-v* EldSfiMet - specially engineered to meet the most rigorous demands and rugged conditions.

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ElastiNet - 2

To provide superior load retention, after stretching, ElastiNet snaps back and retracts almost all the way to its original dimension Grips every corner and curve, and stays on the job no matter how many twists and turns ipment integrity in the harshest shipping conditions Can be used for all types of shipments in manual or machine applications Compatible with most existing wrapping machines and brake systems Even when wrapped over the top by as little as 2" ElastiNet secures the pallet from the top as well as from all sides More wrap, less waste, and totally recyclable ElastiNet secures any...

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