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Wrap for Round Module of Cotton especially designed for John Deere 7760 Cotton Picker

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Wrap for Round Module of Cotton especially designed for John Deere 7760 Cotton Picker

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John Deere 7760 Cotton Picker The new 7760 Cotton Picker extends John Deere’s lead in cotton harvesting technology. This revolutionary cotton picker simplifies the system, improves productivity through non-stop harvest, and provides greater value to producers and ginners. Value drivers include: • Non-stop harvesting • Labor & equipment saving • More power • Weather resilience • Ginning advantages Tama RMW™ design The Tama RMW™ with Z-LOCK™ wrap portions is designed: to assure reliable automatic packaging, for non-stop harvesting. • To maintain the quality of cotton in round modules that are...

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Tama RMW™ Features 3 The Z-LOCK™ system connects and separates each individual portion on a roll, so the roll is made from 24 “ready to use” portions. The Z-LOCK™ system assures the next portion is ready to be fed correctly. 1 The Tama RMW™ Z-LOCK™ wrap portion concept: Every RMW™ portion is made of two segments: a. The inner layers are a non-tacky film with particular properties which prevent cotton from sticking to the wrap. (figure A) b. The outer layers are a special formulated film which is tacky on one side only. (figure B) The combination of these two types of film ensures that the...

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6 Over the edge coverage: 8 Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID): Every RMW™ includes RFID tags to provide the capability to track the individual module through harvesting and processing, all integrated with the electronic systems of the 7760. Wrap goes over the edge to minimize cotton waste and exposure to rainfall, and holds tight the shoulders of the round module. 9 Identification: Each roll has its own ID number located inside the core, and on the leading edge of the 1st RMW™. Each RMW™ has a unique serial number, located on the metallic label of the wrap. 10 Plastic core: Every core...

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1. a. Five rolls of 24 individual RMW™ each, are manually loaded by two people onto the John Deere 7760 picker. b. The RMW™ is threaded into the John Deere 7760 picker. c. The RMW™ portion is fed around the module by the feeding mechanism. d. The Z-LOCK™ is activated to seperate the RMW™ from the roll and to secure the tail of the RMW™. 2. The round module is ejected from the John Deere 7760 picker to the handler while the picking continues. 3. The round module is placed at the end of the row. 4. The round modules are gathered in groups. 5. The round modules are transported to the gin for...

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Gin Solutions 1 Storage: The round modules are stored at the gin storage area in the same way as conventional modules. 2 Handling: The round modules are loaded on the gin conveyer using appropriate equipment. RMW Removal Recommendation When cutting the wrap, make only one clean cut along the entire length of the module without leaving shreds of plastic at the cut. • The RMW™ concept eliminates the constant maintenance and cost of the tarp. A savings in the production cost of the ginning process. • Many solutions, from manual to fully automatic, are available to the gin, to enhance the...

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Handling Recommendations • Handle One Pallet At A Time. • Use suitable forklift to handle the pallets: • Recommended lift capacity - 4,400 lbs (2 tons) forklift. • Use long forks when handling pallets from its narrow end to minimize damage. • Use Pallet Puller when unloading from truck. • Pallet pullers avaliable from material handling supply houses. RMW™ Palletizing • • • • End protectors on both ends of the pallet. Pallet cradles that stabilize the RMW™ rolls on the pallet. Bubble wrap for extra protection. Different color to pallet label each season. • RMW™ can be damaged by improper...

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About Tama Tama Plastic Industry, established in 1950, is a partnership between Kibbutz Mishmar Ha’Emek and Kibbutz Galed. Kibbutz members are its owners; they occupy key management positions and work in every department. While remaining close to its origins at the heart of a working agricultural community, Tama has grown and developed into a modern, dynamic enterprise employing more than 1,000 people, in Israel and around the world. Tama’s main area of specialization is packaging and protective products for agriculture, which it refers to as “Crop Packaging Products” (CPP). Tama’s vision...

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Handling & storage instructions provided on each pallet. Improper handling of the RMW™ will cause damage to the round module. The production process and quality manual are fully audited by John Deere. For further pricing and supply programs see your local JD dealer. Manufactured by Tama Plastic Industry the Crop Packaging specialist, the exclusive producer of John Deere CoverEdge™ and Tamanet™. * The RMW™ with Z-LOCK™ wrap portion is a patented product: U.S. Patent No. 6,787,209 ; U.S. Patent No. 7,541,080 Australia Patent No. 2005300259 ; Australia Patent No. 2003292463 Patent pending:...

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