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TamaNet - 1

IMPROVED, LIGHTER MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY TamaNeH* enables the production of much lighter net, which is significantly longer and easier to carry and handle - allowing higher efficiency, less roll changes, more bales per roll and up to 40% less waste. UNRIVALLED NET FEEDING TamaNet^ runs smoothly and consistently in the feed rollers of the baler. We know that the last thing you need, is one more thing to worry about. When you get that window for baling, you need a net that will perform, no hassles and no questions asked. And that’s what you get with TamaNet+. The new Tamanet+ is another level of consistency and reliability that is unrivalled by any other brand. Michael Dunning, Thomastown, 3\ Ballydangan, Co Westmeath, Ireland I The 4500m length is ideal because it allows me to make more bales before having to change a roll. The super reliability of the TamaNet+ gives me a perfect bale every time which removes the uncertainty from my baling. You know what you are getting each time from the first to last bale. Neilus O’Connor, Agri Contracting, North Kerry SUPERIOR GRIP Whatever the crop, TailiaNctHS1 holds the bale perfectly, with its ultimate connection between layers and fantastic tail security. CUTTING-EDGE NET-LOCK TECHNOLOGY All TamaNetHS1 products have our unique Net-Lock OTHER NETS technology which completely eliminates the risk of net laddering. PRODUCT INFO Name

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TamaNet - 2

GOT BETTER THE BEST JUST Better than ever Better than ever YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR GOAL We aim to bring a benefit to your business, increase your baler output and provide assistance if needed. Tama Assist is your dedicated support network before, during and after the season. The people at Tama know what I need, because they are farmers themselves! John Brewer, UK Reliable, trouble-free baling. Perfect bales every time. In all balers, in all conditions. 159 The same great technology is now offered in three sizes. Choose the one that is right for you. CONSISTENCY Better than ever 160

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