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Tama Plastic Industry Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek 19236, Israel Tel: 972-4-9899644 Fax: 972-4-9899643 Website: www.tama.co.il e-mail: info@tama.co.il Tama Shade Nets Protecting your crops Tama Shade Nets are the best way to protect your crops against natural damage: solar radiation, frost, wind and birds. Tama Shade Nets are stabilized to protect from solar UV radiation, and are extremely resistant to inclement weather and extreme temperatures and humidity. Tama Shade Nets come in a wide variety of densities, from 17% to 90% shade, for maximum compatibility with every requirement: covering, hothouses, all–net shelters, protecting crops and fruit trees, shading cowsheds… and even screening outdoor event

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Strong to the nth degree Durability | Reliability | Strength The only one with the square-profile threads 30% Stronger and more resistant to tearing The special materials from which Monofil net is manufactured, gives it greater durability against the forces exerted upon it, and helps prevent tearing of the net. Withstands stress and friction The improved square profile of Monofil affords the net higher ability to withstand friction than regular nets. Standard and Decorative Nets This characteristic is especially important in net houses and greenhouses where the net Standard Green Standard...

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