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HIGH SPEED WRAPPING The 1400 EH has been designed to the highest specifications and delivers superb output in all conditions. The patented split wrapping table is designed to allow simultaneous loading and unloading which delivers the highest possible wrapped bale output. This is achieved with the unique split table, which allows the back roller to lower independently, gently offloading a wrapped bale. As the rear roller offloads, the 1400 EH's unique wrapping table splits allowing the front roller and loading arm to simultaneously lower to the loading position and the next bale can be wrapped without delay. This process greatly reduces the stress of the chassis and ensures stable loading of heavy bales. The offset hitch also allows the operators to follow the line of the baler (no need to cross swathes). The 1400 EH can also be used inline and connected to the baler, allowing for a single tractor to be used in the baling and wrapping process. Furthermore, allowing the baler to be disconnected from the wrapper and used for hay and straw. The 1400 EH bale wrapper uses proportional speed controls enabling the operator to set wrapping speeds from the controller. The twin tower design makes the 1400 Series much stronger and capable of wrapping in all conditions. 1400 EH HIGH SPEED ROUND BALE WRAPPER

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1400 SERIESlFeatures STANDARD FEATURES aUnique Split Wrapping Table aProportional Control a Film Break Sensors a Fast Acting Hydraulic "Cut & Start" Units a Wide Low Ground Pressure Tyres a RDS Expert Controller a Robust Twin Tower Construction a 6x Film Roll Holders a Hand Controller a Unique Dual Stretch Aluminium Dispenser The Patented Split Table allows the back roller and front roller to operate independently, gently offloading a wrapped bales, whilst picking the next bale up at the same time, thus greatly increasing output. Fast acting and strong gripping cut and starts units ensure...

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