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Rodeo & arena equipment - 1

Rodeo & arena equipment

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Rodeo & arena equipment - 2

Tarter, the world's largest manufacturer of farm gates, animal management and feeding equipment has developed a full line of Rodeo and Arena Equipment that has raised the bar for rodeo equipment everywhere. Whether you rodeo as a competitor or for recreation, this equipment will meet all of your needs. With new innovations never seen before in the industry, Tarter can now offer more features and diversity than any other company. With ease of use and convenience in mind, you will quickly notice that nothing was overlooked when developing this equipment. Give Tarter Rodeo and Arena Equipment...

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Rodeo & arena equipment - 3

Tarter Farm and Ranch has brought a new line of rodeo equipment to the market with innovations never before offered. Whether you’re a recreational roper or a competitor, you’ll find that this equipment will be an easy and ideal choice for all your roping needs! professional team roper 9x national finals rodeo qualifier Roping & Arena Equipmen

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Rodeo & arena equipment - 4

Roping Chutes Tarter Roping Chutes are quickly becoming the standard in roping with features never seen before on any other chute. These feature packed units have innovations never before experienced on the market, and come in Manual, Electric with Remote Headgate, Electric with Remote Headgate and Tailgate, and Electric with Remote Headgate, Tailgate, and Pusher Bar. All chutes feature: • uiet front and rear operation gates Q • Our unique slanted front headgate • oordinated front and rear door closing, which prevents any accidental animal loss C • Sure-stop opening mechanism prevents any...

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Rodeo & arena equipment - 5

Roping & Arena Equipment Roping & Arena Equipment 5

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Rodeo & arena equipment - 6

manual chute The manual chute is the heaviest and most well built chute on the market. This chute is the best alternative for anyone looking to purchase a quality roping chute. The chute will provide a quiet and reliable operation for any roping setup. electric chute with remote headgate & tailgate electric chute with remote headgate The electric chute with remote headgate is a one-of-a-kind unit on the market. It operates without an air compressor and without 110V. It has all the great features of a manual, plus this chute is 12V system with solar power, so it can be put anywhere...

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Rodeo & arena equipment - 7

electric chute with remote headgate, tailgate, & pusher bar This chute offers the same great features as the Electric Chute with Remote Headgate and Tailgate but adds an additional feature that is unique to the roping industry. Our air-operated pusher bar holds the steer in the ready position at the push of a button. No more standing in the chute, no more steers backing up. With the push of a button, from the provided wireless remote or the on-board manual buttons, you can control the steer from horseback. Once the chute has released the steer the pusher bar returns to its original state...

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Rodeo & arena equipment - 8

Works easily with direct connected air or with small stand alone air container. NOTE: Air tank must be supplied by customer. Gliding tailgate with simple one-handed manual release or air-operated release. REMOTES These remotes are original remote replacements for your roping chutes. These remotes are intended for replacing original remotes that have been lost or broken. Description item # Height Width Length Single Button Remote SBR 1-5/8" 2-3/4" 3" Four Function Remote FFR 3/4" 1-5/8" 4-1/8" remote holders These hand-made leather remote holders are classy...

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Rodeo & arena equipment - 9

leadup alley This leadup is available in 8' and 12' lengths, and easily hooks together to other leadups to provide all the staging area you need. The slanted bottoms prevent animal turnaround, and our simple yet unique backstop allows animals to advance in the alley while not letting them back up. Our optional backstop fits both 8' and 12' alleys and features our corrosion resistant powder coat brown finish. Approx. Overall Alley Height Weight Width Width Length 8' Leadup Alley w/o Backstop LAWOB8 58" 340 lbs. 36" 15" 99" 12' Leadup Alley w/o Backstop...

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Rodeo & arena equipment - 10

Our Alley Corner is the ultimate system for your leadup alleys. It features the same construction, width, and sheeting as our 8' and 12' leadup alleys. Its unique gradual turn design provides an easy corner to facilitate smooth effortless flow of livestock through the system. Features our heavy-duty pin hookup and our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat brown finish. Approx. Overall Alley Description item # Height Weight Width Width Length

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Rodeo & arena equipment - 11

stripping chutes Our stripping chutes provide the greatest versatility and ease of use on the market. With two models, we can fit your preference in stripping chutes. Our ground level chute features easy float headgates with high mount single hand release, a built-in backstop and a heavy-duty swing gate with ground pin. For ropers who are wanting to rope more by themselves, we offer the same great chute in an elevated version. The easy mount ramp puts the steer up within reach from horseback and the elevated mesh floor stays clean run after run. Both stripping chutes have a fully reversible...

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Rodeo & arena equipment - 12

ROPING BOXES Our Tarter left hand and right hand Roping Boxes provide a positive location for the horse and rider creating a consistent start every time. With horse safety in mind, we have designed the boxes with a large smooth contact surface and angled legs away from the horse to prevent hock injuries. Each leg comes equipped with plate and anchor holes for a secure hold. • Stands 3' 6" tall • 12' 9" long • 14-gauge sheet metal for horse safety • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish Description item # Height Approx. Weight Width Length Right Hand Roping Box...

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Rodeo & arena equipment - 13

Our Square Corner Gates ^ provide a solid entrance into ' " the arena. Depending on gate width, these gates can provide an entrance for walking or driving tractors ^ and equipment through, such as our Arena Worker. SCGBR12 . . Gates come complete with adjustable bolt on hinges and a provided chain latch. This 51 ” tall gate is ideal for a 5’ tall arena setup. Our 1-3/4”, 16-gauge tubing will provide the strength needed for your arena. These gates are available in 6’ - 16’ sizes. Features our heavy-duty powder coat brown finish giving you protection like no other found in...

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