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Professional rock pickers Data sheet

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Tasias | Rock pickers Rock picker MX-15 MX-15 features • Picks up rocks from 3 cm to 20 cm from the ground. • Power take-off operation. • Quickly and easily coupled to the ball joints of the tractor with a swivel hitch coupling. • Optional sideways movement. • Ideal for small areas. (Trees, vines, greenhouses). • Compact design and easy to handle, and all materials are robust. • Small, lightweight machine, appropriate for tractors from 50 to 80 HP. • Can be used on all types of ground. • Changeable grills. • Easy and quick maintenance.

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MX-15 rock picker Models in the MX-15 series We have 8 models in the MX-15 series with different features to adapt to any task. Swivel hitch coupling MX-15 No 1 Moveable swivel hitch coupling MX-15D No 2 Standard equipment • Rotating introducer with 3 blades. • Safety clutch. • Two-speed power take-off. • Tips made from strong, reversible and changeable material. Optional extras • An additional grill can be installed, with 3.5, 5, 6 or 7 cm of separation between bars, in order to pick up larger or smaller rocks. • Side grills. Work tips • Rock size: Up to 20 cm diameter. • Operating speed:...

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