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Professional rock pickers Data sheet

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Tasias | Rock pickers Caracterlsticas Rastrillo hilerador • Rakes rocks with diameters from 3cm to 30cm, creating rows separated by up to 6m. • Ideal for their subsequent picking. • All materials are robust. • The control wheels ensure uniform and accurate work. • For tractors of 80 HP or greater. • Lightweight and suitable for use on all types of ground. • Changeable spiked roller with easy and quick maintenance.

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Rock rake RA - 3

Rock rake We have 3 models with different features to adapt to any task. Work tips • Rock size: Up to 30 cm diameter. • Work speed: 1 -3 km/h. • Work depth: Rakes surface rocks. Standard equipment • Safety clutch. • Chain casing protection. • Control screen. • Adjustable wheels for working and transport. TASIAS S.A | Professional rock pickers Nicolau Copernic, 41 TgI. +34 93 808 77 57 Poligono Ind. Plans d’Arau | La Pobla de Claramunt, Barcelona

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