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Swath Conditioner

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Swath Conditioner Get the most from your crop with a Teagle Super-ted and reap the rewards of faster drying times or crop recovery following wet weather.

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Since Teagle Machinery was established The reasons that customers return time over 75 years ago we have designed, after time to buy Teagle are twofold: built and backed innovative agricultural machinery for livestock farmers. Product Focus – We actively invest in research, design and manufacturing We remain a family business focused technology to ensure that our product on meeting the needs of our customers range constantly evolves to remain at the whether just around the corner, or in one cutting edge, whilst being available at a of the 35 countries worldwide to which competitive price. we...

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Making a difference with a Super-ted Faster Drying Reduced Crop Contamination With grass, a quick drying time reduces nutrient loss and produces more palatable fodder. High dry-matter silage also results in less effluent being created at the clamp. The Super-ted effect is twofold, typically halving the drying time in the field. The crop is lifted, with air being introduced to the swath for more even drying from top to bottom. The waxy cellulose coating on the plant is cracked without damaging the crop to improve evaporation of moisture. Crop loss is minimised by keeping the swaths intact...

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Super-ted Swath Conditioner - 5

Working Width SUITABLE FOR: Farmers and Contractors to condition Grass, Hay and Straw swaths. Swath Size / Grass Swath Size / Straw Outstanding reliability The Super-ted range is engineered specifically for heavy crops with our attention to detail delivering unparalleled performance in the field in both grass and straw applications. Working Width Adjustable front hood Individually retained tines Low pressure castor wheels Door extensions PTO shaft with over-run clutch *Wheels fitted/ wheels in transport postion

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Case study “When we buy kit, we want something that will last” Alistair Hodnett (pictured below) farms 255 acres in partnership with his father Michael on the outskirts of Dundee. Last year over 24,000 tonnes of straw were procured and retailed, with over 6000 acres of straw from farms in and around the Angus, Fife and Perthshire areas purchased and baled. In addition, 80 acres of haylage and 80 acres of hay are baled on the farm and sold throughout Scotland. Attention to detail in producing a quality product is paramount when supplying to such a large customer base. Alistair uses a Teagle...

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Model Pick-up width Overall height A - in lowest working position Overall width B (with wheels/without wheels) Overall length C - doors open Overall length D - doors closed Height adjustment Castor wheel tyre size with over-run clutch 795kg Minimum tractor size Number of drive belts The company’s policy is one of continuous improvement and development, therefore specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Precision Engineering British built and backed Rotors are balanced using state of the art technology to ensure a smooth running and high performance operation. To keep your...

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Super-ted Swath Conditioner - 8

Scotland Manager David Haggart 07970 136616 North Manager Gary Eastham 07866 532666 East Manager David Threadgold 07970 136615 With over 75 years experience in designing and manufacturing high quality agricultural machinery you can be confident when you choose Teagle. West Manager Steve Offland 07970 462240 Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements. Call our Sales Desk: 01872 560592 South East Manager Chris White 07970 136614 Ireland and...

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