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Remote Reading and Control Radio System for water distribu on networks

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HYDRONET Radio System Saving water resources is now a priority objec ve in the management of distribu on networks, but remains difficult to achieve without the support of specific and reliable automa on technologies. With over 30 years of experience in the produc on of hydraulic equipment, TECNIDRO introduces to the market an innova ve solu on proposing HYDRONET system, based on the latest LPWAN radio transmission technologies. HYDRONET has been specifically designed for public water management networks on geographical areas as well as for plants with a more limited extension belonging to farm...

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The HYDRONET radio system developped by TECNIDRO offers a solu on that is: Coverage up to 15 km and over in open field, designed for irriga on networks, even of large size, installed in remote areas or isolated and permanently exposed to cri cal weather condi ons. Local radio transmission in 868 Mhz frequency band, licence-free, independent from the operators of mobile communica on networks. Peripheral units powered by a replaceable lithium ba ery (6 to 10 years depending on the type of service), without the need for solar panels, accumulators or connec on to electrical power supply panels....

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Remote Reading and Control The management of an irriga on network may involve different needs: Ÿ a) limited only to the periodic reading of the volumes of water supplied in different nodes of the plant and to the monitoring of the network opera ng parameters (for example the pressure in the pipeline or the level of a reservoir); Ÿ b) extended to the scheduling of irriga on shi s with the ac va on of valves in the field or to the occasional/seasonal interrup on of irriga on at different network levels (sector or an en re perimeter). In some cases, irriga on networks may have mixed needs,...

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Fig.2 - Example of data acquisi on with HYDRONET remote reading system for public irriga on networks Fig.3 - Example of data acquisi on and commands with HYDRONET remote control system for public irriga on networks Fig.4 - Example of HYDRONET remote control system with commands and acquisi ons for private systems

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HYDRONET System Structure The HYDRONET system is based on a large-scale autonomous radio network that operates with the LoRaWan ™ communica on protocol on the 868 Mhz mul channel frequency band, licence free in Europe and in many other countries. The system consists of RTU (Remote Terminal Units) peripheral units that are independent of each other, powered by a long-life lithium ba ery and suitable for installa on in the open field (Fig.5) near the hydraulic equipment to be monitored or controlled. The RTUs are self-sufficient and have a very low visual impact, not requiring any solar panel...

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In addi on to the large radio coverage capability, the HYDRONET system offers further advantages, easily managing in almost real me (Near Real Time) a very large number of remote devices. Communica on between the RTUs and the Gateway is completed in a very short me (up to 2 minutes for 1,000 managed points) and the transmission interval can be programmed at the most suitable value for the system, preserving the ba ery life. Each Gateway is designed to manage up to a maximum recommended of 256 uniquely coded RTU units, thus concentra ng the communica on of a network composed of over 1,000...

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Radio Peripheral Units - RTU The RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) radio peripheral unit is the most exposed element of the HYDRONET system, as it is intended for installa on near the field equipment to be monitored or controlled, normally posi oned in open spaces and o en without any type of protec on (i.e. fences, box etc.). Specific measures have therefore been adopted to eliminate any element of vulnerability, and in par cular: Metallic enclosure Electronic board - the standard R-Tube version of the RTU unit is protected by a waterproof metal enclosure to allow installa on in open places exposed...

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RTU Common Technical Characteristics Communica on protocol Lora Alliance™ LoRaWan™ cer fied Radio frequency band LoRa 868 MHz, (EU 863-870) mul -channels, license free Distance range up to 15 km on open spaces, in-sight antennas, (coverage expandable with addi onal Gateways) Power supply 6-10 years according to opera on condi ons Standard inputs n°4 impulsive inputs (from water meters) n°1 immediate alarm input (cable cut / intrusion / tampering) n°4 configurable digital inputs (i.e. valve status) n°1 analogue input (pressure, level sensor, etc..) Standard outputs n°4 solenoid valves...

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Central Unit - GATEWAY The central Gateway unit for LoRaWAN ™ networks manages the data acquisi on and the command sending of commands via a bidirec onal radio communica on with the RTUs and communicates via Internet with the Network Server, by an Ethernet port connec on (LAN) or through 3G/4G module. Each Gateway is suitable to monitor and control RTU units, poten ally without a limit on the maximum number of managed units. To contain the read/command me within 2 minutes, the RTUs managed by a single Gateway must not exceed 256 units. Gateway central units are available in two versions:...

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Network Server The Network Server is the heart of the HYDRONET system, which ensures performance and keeps under control the opera on of the en re infrastructure 24 hours a day. The Network Server manages the LoRaWAN ™ network carrying out all system func ons, including: -registra on of RTU codes and authorized devices -authen ca on of RTUs and connected devices -GPS posi on of the RTUs -management of transmissions from the RTU to the center (uplink) -management of transmissions from the center to the RTU (downlink) -Gateway management -configura on of communica on and stand-by mes...

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TECNIDRO S.R.L. Via Girolamo Gastaldi, 26 F 16163 - Genova S.Quirico (GE) ITALY Tel. +39-010-6017016 Fax +39-010-6016021 Web: E-mail:

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