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PRECISION and responsible agriculture AGRICULTURE Applications for efficient

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TECNOMA is launching the " Professional Journals". The first issue is dedicated to precision agriculture. We are experts in agricultural spraying and have over 7 years experience in ISOBUS and GPS equipment, so we thought it was legitimate for us to guide you in your choice of the new technologies available. A continually developing market new functions and applications arrive daily on the market. There are many solutions to make your agriculture more precise and responsible, input gains and considerable savings for the operating managers that you are. Of course, the most important thing is...

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PRECiSiON iMPLiES MAKiNG THE RiGHT DECiSiQN Using the sprayer ■ adjustment On a farm, the sprayer is one of the most important pieces of equipment. It makes the difference between success and failure of a crop year by protecting the crops. For maximum efficiency, the sprayer must be serviced and adjusted correctly, and checked regularly to ensure its performances are up to standard. This presents both financial and environmental advantages. A correctly adjusted sprayer will permit optimum application of products onto their target and therefore give ideal protection. This helps avoid extra...

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The equipment and its use ▪ Incorporation The quality of incorporation will ensure that the products to be prepared for spraying are the right mixture to ensure homogeneous application. The incorporation must eliminate all risk of contamination of the other clean water circuits and above all avoid any contamination when spraying. ▪ Filling precision Most important is good knowledge of the surface area of the crop to be sprayed. Consequently, depending on the product, the efficiency sought and the outputs desired, it must be filled as precisely as possible. TECNOMA's solutions ▪ CORPORATOR:...

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▪ Precise regulation Regulation is used to pre-adjust, control and keep constant the volume of product desired per hectare, regardless of the variations in the land and engine speed. TECNOMA's solutions ▪ PAE FLOW RATE REGULATIONS: these regulations use a D flow meter that is unaffected by the viscosity and density of the products and the operating pressure. It measures precisely and instantaneously the sprayed flow. The flow rate regulation uses a "return and start up" regulation algorithm. Benefit for users: regardless of the start conditions at the headland (speed, flow rate, number of...

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Precision involves geo-location What is GPS? Launched by the US military in 1970, the Global Positioning System (GPS) has been operating since 1993. This radio-navigation system, based on a constellation of 24 satellites, permits users to identify their position anywhere in the world. Fitted with atomic clocks, the satellites emit radio signals that are picked up by the antenna and the radio receiver. The computer evaluates the distance between the satellites and the GPS by the difference between the time it was sent and the time it was received. The condition required for it to operate: it...

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Depending on the nature of the work, different levels of precision are required. Several systems and antennae are proposed. DGPs omnistar XPDGPs omnistar HP Precision: 20 cm with memorising of a reference point. Reception of a free signal. Precision: 2.5 cm radio correction by fixed beacon or radio correction by dealer network or cellular correction by GSM network (GPRS). Reception of a signal free if private fixed beacon. Subscription if access to a dealer network.

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Btime saving as no prior tramlining is required, optimisation of very wide fields, more efficient spraying due to better management of missed areas, improved flow rates, more flexibility (livestock farming or row crops), mapping, there are many applications of aid and guidance tools and everyone has the system adapted to their needs.

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The guidance modes available Regardless of the guidance system used, the basic principle consists of defining a reference line (path to be followed), then the integrated system follows the parallels to the reference line by using the satellite signals and taking into consideration the width of the tool. The reference line does not necessarily have to be straight. At the start of the job, the user defines a straight line by 2 points A and B. The guidance system then traces lines that are parallel and at a distance equivalent to the width of the tool. At the start of the job, the user defines...

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TECNOMA's solutions Tramlining Application of the field and guidance (option) (Pre-requirement: Guidance licence) The tramlining and guidance function guides the driver to suit: ▪ the width of the tool, ▪ the surface area already covered, ▪ the limits of the field. External guidance bar (option) ▪ external guidance bar may be positioned in the visual field of the user without movThe ing the terminal. It operates with LEDs. Slope correction module (option) (Pre-requirement: Guidance licence) ▪ When the tractor is equipped with a GPS antenna and the land is undulating, the signal must be...

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The various functions of the sprayer using geo-localisation Automatic management of the sections Principle: This application is used with sprayers, seeders and fertilizer spreaders. The principle is to close or start the sections automatically to suit the zones to be sprayed or seeded to avoid overlapping. Benefit for users: This application permits overlapping and missed areas to be avoided which creates a gain of 0.3 % to 5 % of the surface area sprayed or seeded to suit the geometry and surface area of the field (source Arvalis). This application also permits night time spraying (when...

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TECNOMA solution Headland application (option) (Pre-requirement: Headland Licence,auto sections and Guiding Licence) ▪ hen the field has already been mapped, the user can subtract the periphery of W the field for a given width. In this case, the contour is treated at the end of thre work. Variable rate application Principle: This technique is designed to modulate the contribution of the inputs to suit the uniform nature of the field (land or crops): the right dose in the right place. The modulation is made using recommended maps or in real time with sensors on the tractor. The recommended...

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