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Inverted Micro Sprinkler Assemblies OPERATION Strong “C” frame design allows for excellent water disribution uniformity. A selection of barbed bases is available for the Inverted Micro Sprinkler. The bases are colour coded to identify flow rate. Choose the model and base colour for the application required. PRODUCT FEATURES • Inverted Orbita Micro Sprinkler • Eight colour coded bases to choose from • Base colour identifies the flow rate. • Strong “C”frame design. • During rotation the spinner is supported between two bearings. • The spinner on the inverted sprinkler has a cover that protects the bottom bearing from dust. • A Counter Weight keeps the assembly stable and upright. The Counter Weight also aids with the insertion of the Winged Adaptor to supply tube. • 500 mm of Flexible PVC Tube allows the assembly to be suspended in a vertical position above plants and foliage. The Winged Adaptor may be inserted into supply tube by a thread or barb. GENERAL APPLICATIONS • Ideal for large areas that include vegetable gardens, agricultural applications and greenhouses.

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