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Precision Farming solutions The Perfect Blend of Advanced Technology and Simplicity The Easy Decision for Precision.

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Ab o u t T e e J e t T e c h n o l o g i e s TeeJet Technologies introduced the very first spray nozzles designed for agricultural use in the 1940’s and has been the leader in spray products and accessories ever since. We were also among the first to introduce electronic controls to the agricultural market in the mid-1980’s and have an established leadership position in the precision farming market as well. Growers around the world depend on TeeJet Technologies for a wide range of products ranging from spray tips, boom components and valves to guidance, auto-steer and rate control systems.

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Boost Productivity and Profits Are you looking to be more productive, more profitable and more responsive to the environment? TeeJet Technologies has a suite of advanced precision farming tools to help you increase your efficiency, improve your bottom line and reduce your environmental footprint. TeeJet Technologies, a leader in precision application components, control system technology and application data management, provides products that can be put to work immediately and deliver payback with the first pass across your field. Our solutions are designed for quick installation, intuitive...

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Matrix® pro with RealView™ Guidance Over Video Guidance Like You’ve Never Seen Before When it comes to guidance, Matrix Pro is in a category of its own. Exclusive features and unmatched flexibility make it unlike any other guidance product. RealView Guidance Over Video – A TeeJet® Exclusive! Now you can have all the guidance information you need, watch what’s ahead and monitor various implement operations on a single console simultaneously. The result? Improved accuracy, easy implement monitoring and reduced stress. NextRow – Another TeeJet Exclusive You’ll never drive into the wrong row...

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Matrix® Pro System Overview: Features that Boost Productivity and Efficiency • xclusive RealView™ Guidance Over Video displays guidelines E on a real time display of the field actually being worked. Matrix Pro also displays video from up to eight cameras for monitoring of many machine operations • wo-way data transfer allows uploading and downloading T of job data, boundaries, no-spray zones, AB lines and more to save time and increase efficiency • ave and recall multiple guidance lines for future S reference and field operations • asy-to-use PC utility simplifies creating/maintaining E...

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Matrix® pro with RealView™ Guidance Over Video Matrix Pro System Overview: Easy and Economical Expansion Options • dd FieldPilot® auto-steer system, BoomPilot® ABSC A and/or RowPilot planter section control without breaking the bank. Matrix Pro has the functionality built in so upgrading requires simple hardware additions • dding more capabilities doesn’t complicate operation. A Matrix Pro only displays menu and setting options related to the functions you’re using • atrix Pro multi-tasks with ease so you can operate M all your systems simultaneously Upgrades, Accessories & Components...

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Matrix® Pro System Overview: High-Quality Components Ensure Dependable Operation • right color touch screens readable in full sunlight – choose Matrix B Pro 570G with a 5.7 in/145 mm display or Matrix Pro 840G with a 8.4 in/213 mm display. Matrix Pro 840G is recommended when using four or more cameras to simplify viewing • ntuitive, easy-to-use display with simple menus and I large field image on the main screen • ealView™ cameras provide crisp video over a wide R range of lighting conditions – full sun to total darkness – and distances up to 60 ft/20 m • nternal WAAS/EGNOS receiver...

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Does More, Costs Less Put FieldPilot in the driver’s seat and you’ll cover more ground more accurately than you could manually. FieldPilot auto-steer system will save you time, money and stress. With more features and a lower cost, FieldPilot offers more value and a faster payback than other auto-steer systems. Exceptional Steering Performance and a Smooth Ride Rough terrain? Hilly, sloped fields? FieldPilot connects to your equipment’s hydraulic power steering system for reliable and convenient control. Tilt compensation and gyro-stabilization are standard features and automatically...

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FieldPilot Overview • ow-cost, high-performance auto-steer system greatly reduces L operator fatigue and significantly improves productivity • he Matrix® Pro interface is easy to learn. Touch screen T with intuitive icons simplifies set-up and operation PWM STEERING VALVE HELPS ENSURE A SMOOTH RIDE AND ACCURATE PERFORMANCE • atrix Pro console is available in two sizes, 5.7 in/145 mm or M 8.4 in/213 mm. Up to eight cameras can be used with the system • irect-connect auto-steer capability for select vehicles greatly D simplifies installation and eliminates the need to install a hydraulic...

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Reduces Input Costs by as Much as 15% BoomPilot uses GPS to record the applied areas in your field and makes automatic adjustments based on that data. When a section of your sprayer boom overlaps an applied area, that section is switched off. When it enters an unapplied area, the section is turned on. Adding BoomPilot to your Matrix® Pro guidance system should be an easy decision. The upgrade cost is low and the savings you’ll experience will quickly offset your investment. TeeJet® patented Flow Back valves provide an ideal complement to BoomPilot by ensuring rapid and precise boom shutoff....

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BoomPilot Overview • limination of overlaps and skips results in lower input E and fuel costs • utomatic control reduces operator stress A • ompatible with a wide variety of rate controls C • ontrols up to 15 boom sections C WITH BOOMPILOT • o additional switch box required – BoomPilot uses N your existing section control switches • Quick installation, intuitive operation • eeJet® Flow Back valves provide an ideal complement T to BoomPilot. Flow Back valves include an extra passage that allows boom pressure to be dissipated immediately, resulting in instantaneous shut-off of the spray...

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