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THERMOBILE mobile climate solutions source: EWSGROUP HEAT TREATMENT The non-chemical alternative for pest control

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A LARGE PORTFOLIO OF HEATERS Thermobile heaters are used all over the world in heat treatment processes for decontamination and pest control. Our portfolio offers a solution for a large series of applications as we have a large choice in capacity and design. Be advised: our heaters allow both diesel as well as alternative fuels. Visit for additional information. THE LEADING STANDARD FOR OVER 25 YEARS Thermobile Industries BV has been developing and manufacturing heaters in the family owned factory in Breda for over 25 years. We have experience in a worldwide range of...

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source: Agronet France source: EWSGROUP Heat treatment, the non-chemical alternative for pest control. Thermobile Industries offers a wide range of products not only for comfortable space heating but also for non-toxic pest control. BMSB TREATMENT The brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) is an agricultural pest damaging crops, fruits and ornamental trees. Australia and New Zealand are taking measures against the insects. One of the used methods against the BMSB is heat treatment. Heat treatment is a form of bio treatment and eliminates the use of toxic products. Already several well-known...

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THERMOBILE INDUSTRIES BV Konijnenberg 80 4825 BD Breda The Netherlands

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