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FOReWoRD Thank you for purchasing our tractor. We are confident it will give you many years of reliable Service. The introduction in this manual sets out the correct manner of operating, maintaining and checking the tractor to ensure long-term durability. Please ensure correct operation of the tractor as incorrect operation can cause substantial mechanical damage as well as cause accidents with the associated injuries. Please note that in some cases differences can exist between this manual and your tractor due to the manufacture’s policy of constant product improvement. In the event that you encounter a problem not covered by this manual please contact your nearest dealer who will assist you in resolving your problem. CALIFORNIA Proposition 65 Warning WARNING The Engine Exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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The following warning signs in this manual draw additional attention to items of importance for the safe and correct operation of the tractor. All information, illustrations and specifications in this manual are based on latest information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.

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SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1. TRACTOR IDENTIFICATION The engine number is stamped on the left hand side of the engine block. The chassis number is shown on the left hand side of the tractor as shown in the drawing. Carved position of the Engine type or Number WARRANTY OF THE PRODUCT The manufacturer warrants this product and full details of the warranty are provided on a separate warranty schedule. Carved position of the chassis number Service is available from any TYM dealer in the country. To obtain spare parts please contact your nearest dealer and give him the details listed below.  Tractor...

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SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 2. ABOUT THIS MANUAL This manual has been prepared to assist you in following/adopting the correct procedure for running-in operation and maintenance of your new Tong Yang Moolsan CO., LTD (Here in after refer to TYM) tractor. Your tractor has been designed and built to give maximum performance, with good fuel economy and ease of operation under a wide variety of operating conditions. Prior to delivery, The tractor was carefully inspected, both at the factory and by your TYM Dealer/Distributor, to ensure that it reaches you in optimum conditions .To maintain this...

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SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 3. INTRODUCTION & DESCRIPTION TRACTOR AN INTRODUCTION The word, ’tractor’ has been derived from ‘traction’ which means pulling. A tractor is required to pull or haul an equipment, implement or trolley which are coupled to the tractor body through suitable linkage. A tractor can also be used as a prime mover as it has a power outlet source which is also called Power Take or PTO shaft. In this book the operating, maintenance and storage instructions for all models of TYM Diesel tractors has been complied. This material has been prepared in detail to help you in the better...

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^SAFETY PRECAUTIONS — DESCRIPTION ► GENERAL CONSTRUCTION The transmission case, Engine and Front Axle Support are bolted together to form a rigid unit. ► FRONT AXLE & WHEELS The 4WD front axle is a center-pivot, reverse Eliot type. The front wheel drive mechanism is incorporated as a part of the axle. The front wheel drive power is taken off the rear transmission and transmitted to the differential in the front axle where the power is divided into right and left and to the respective final cases. In the final cases, the transmitted revolution is reduced by the level gears to drive the front...

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► ELECTRICAL SYSTEM A 12 Volt Lead Acid Propylene Battery is used to activate the Engine through the Starter Motor and the Electrical system comprising Horn, Head Lamp. Side indicator Lamps, Plough Lamp, Brake Light, Gauge lamp, Hazard Lamp. Generator or Alternator, Fuse box also from part of the Electrical system. WARNING • When operating the tractor at High speed, Do not attempt to make sharp turns by using the brakes. This may result in overturning of the tractor causing serious injury or DEATH. We at TYM CO.,LTD and your TYM Dealer/Distributor wants you to be completely satisfied with...

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ROLL OVER PROTECTIVE STRUCTURES (ROPS) TYM tractors are equipped with a frame for the protection of operators. In the case of cab tractors the frame is incorporated in the cab structure. The objective of the frame or cab structure is to protect the operator in the event of a roll over and they are designed to support the entire weight of the tractor in that event. Each TYM ROPS frame or cab structure is designed and has been tested to meet industry and or government standards. Included in these tests were all mounting bases and bolts or other fasteners. • For ROPS frames to be effective and...

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If the tractor has rolled over or the ROPS has damaged (such as striking an overhead object during transport), It must be replaced to provide the original protection. After an accident, check for damages to the 1.ROPS. 2.Seat. belt & seat mountings. Before you operate a tractor, replace all damaged parts. WARNING • Do not weld, drill or straighten the ROPS. • Never attach chains, ropes to the ROPS for pulling purposes; this will cause the tractor to tip backwards. Always pull from the tractor drawbar. Be careful when driving through door opening or under low overhead objects. Make...

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SAFETY PRECAUTIONS To select Seat position, move Adjusting lever and slide Seat closer to or away from Dash panel and controls. 6. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS RECOGNIZE SAFETY INFORMATION • Check whether the seat prop- erly locked in its position before driving the tractor. DANGER use the seat belt when the ROPS is installed. Do not use the seat belt if a foldable ROPS is down or there is no ROPS. Check the seat belt regularly and replace if frayed or damaged. SIGNAL WORDS This symbol means ATTENTION! YOUR SAFETY IS INVOLVED. The message that follows the symbol contains important information about...

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