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Valley Center Pivots ®

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From pivot point to last span, a Valley® center pivot is engineered, constructed and field-tested to handle any operating stresses your machine may experience. Valley structures stand up to the toughest loads produced by rough terrain, deep furrows and long-span machines. No wonder Valley pivots command the highest resale value in the industry. Exclusive options on the 8000 series include: • Precision Corner® Multiple floatation options Ultra-High Profile Widest range of pivot point options and pipe diameters to fit your field Longest span in the industry Most Reliable Drive Train • The patented...

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7000 series Engineered and developed as a cost-effective irrigation solution, the Valley 7000 series is second only to the industryleading Valley 8000 series in reliability, durability and overall performance. The 7000 series is available with the patented, Made in the USA Valley gearbox or the VS-7000 gearbox. The VS-7000 gearbox is a high quality, durable gearbox offered at a lower price point. Many of the features that make Valley gearboxes the industry’s leader are included, such as ductile iron worm gear for longer wear life and an extended output shaft for improved seal life. The...

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The Valley 5000 series provides a cost-effective irrigation solution for smaller fields up to 60 acres. This durable machine was created specifically for production agriculture and comes with the reliability and aftermarket support that only Valley dealers can provide. Economical irrigation option for smaller fields Another option to irrigating corners or irregularly shaped fields Easy to operate, control and monitor Optional upgrades to enhance your control and monitoring capabilities Available with the Classic control panel for b

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Valley® Center Pivots - 6

Fixed Pivot Points The Valley pivot point options are built for strength and stability. Each pivot point comes standard with a full set of braces on all four sides and a corrosion-resistant sleeve to allow smooth rotation within the riser seal. With multiple options, you are sure to find the right pivot point to fit your operation. Designed for pivots up to 2,800’ long Comes standard with heavy duty legs, service platform and pivot flex Extended bearing length for longer life Designed for pivots up to nine spans or 1,500’ long Designed for pivots up to 2,800’ long Heavy duty legs are standard...

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Valley® Center Pivots - 7

Valley Pivot Point Options Towable Pivots The Valley towable options allow you to irrigate two or more fields with one machine to reduce your installed cost per acre. Each towable machine can be towed from one field to another in less than an hour! You can choose from an on-board engine generator or public power supply to power your machine. Ideal for part-circle fields or multi-directional towing Can be placed on concrete pad to utilize earth anchors Comes standard with tongue hitch design Comes standard with tongue hitch for quick, secure hook-up without cables 8 5/8” pivot point can be...

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Valley® Center Pivots - 8

Valley DropSpan™ Valley Benders The Valley DropSpan™ allows the outer spans of your center pivot to be dropped from the machine, so you can irrigate additional acres adjacent to large obstructions at the edge of the field. The spans can be dropped or reattached by one person without tools in less than 15 minutes. The Bender options maximize irrigated area at a low cost. Benders allow the outer portion of a pivot to continue moving while the inner portion is stopped by fences, trees or other obstacles. Easy to retrofit - no structural changes required Bends up to 30 degrees in either or both...

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Valley® Center Pivots - 10

Single Span Engine Drive Valley Single Span Engine Drive The Valley Single Span Engine Drive is the ideal option for irrigating small fields up to 6 acres wherever electric power is not readily available. All sprinkler packages are available to deliver efficient water application with low water pressure, providing significant energy, labor and water savings. Towable pivot points can add versatility to easily irrigate multiple fields, reducing your equipment cost per acre The high-speed drive decreases minimum rotation time by up to 50 percent over normal pivot operation Drive belt positioning...

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Valley® Center Pivots - 11

Electrical Components Span Cable Collector Ring 8, 10 and 12 gauge wire for power, 14 gauge wire for control. Standard options include a shielded span cable and color-coded wire for easy service and maintenance. Galvanized steel base construction with stainless steel shaft and nylon bearing assembly ensures long life. Transfers incoming electricity to the pivot and uses a watertight seal. Comes standard with stainless steel electrical conduit to ensure years of trouble-free service. Available Options (A) End of Field Stop and/or Auto Reverse Stop or reverse your machine precisely. Required...

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Pivot Point Towable Pivot Point Maximum Towing Length Pipe Diameters Span Lengths Overhang Lengths Booster Pump Option Available Tires Truss Rods Truss Angle Span Connection Internal Connection Floatation Options 3-Wheel Drive, Articulating 4-Wheel Drive, Track Drive, Articulating Track Drive, agri-TRAC, RAAFT Track Low, Standard, High, and Ultra High Maximum Machine Length Drive Train Single Phase See your local authorized Valley dealer for complete details. Valmont® Irrigation has a policy of continuous product improvement and development. As a result, certain changes in standard...

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