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VK5000 8000 - 1

Fixed Rotor Debarkers for High Speed Production Lines VK5000-Series VK8000-Series Single-Rotor Debarking Double-Rotor Debarking Butt-End Reducing together with Debarking debarker specialist

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VK5000 8000 - 2

VK5000 and VK8000-series debarkers New generation VK debarkers are designed according to modern production needs. VK5000 frame module is meant for small and medium size logs whereas the VK8000 frame module is used primarily for medium size and larger logs. A modular construction allows step by step investment as the need changes. The first stage of the investment can be a single rotor machine. The machine can be extended by adding a reducing rotor and/or a second debarking rotor when higher speeds or clean chip quality is needed. A complete 3-rotor machine has a combination of two debarking...

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VK5000 8000 - 3

– One line, One debarker • Debarking tools are installed on the outfeed side of A) Debarking rotor with pneumatic remote controlled tool pressure • The ”Air Seal” construction of the rotor enables remote control of tool pressure during operation • A log can be left in the machine when the rotor is running – automatic opening of debarking tools when the feed stops • Pneumatic tool pressure – effective management of compressed air secures timely control of air to the debarking tools • Rotor with double-row ball bearing to secure smooth rotation – minimum stress guarantees a long life-time for...

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VK5000 8000 - 4

Automatically centring infeed conveyor • The automatic vertical and sideways centring VK infeed conveyor guides the logs smoothly between the feedrolls – minimal fibre loss • The conveyor is equipped with guard doors on both sides, giving additional safety (HD-version) Hydraulic tensioning of feedrolls • Fully adjustable hydraulic pressure depending on log size and debarking conditions • In a Basic category each pair of feedrolls has its own hydraulic pressure circuit with a pressure accumulator – the pressure level is adjusted by a separate pump unit depending on the log size • The...

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