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A Compact and Orchard - 2

WELCOME TO VALTRA TERRITORY Our roots are deep in Scandinavian industrial traditions dating back to 1829. Valtra tractors are built in the most advanced factories in the industry at Suolahti, Finland, and Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil. Valtra tractors are now sold in over 75 countries worldwide. Valtra is a worldwide brand of the AGCO Corporation, the third-largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment in the world. The tractor range extends from 50-horsepower to 400-horsepower, from small orchard tractors to large powerful arable tractors. VALTRA A SERIES COMPACT AND ORCHARD MODELS We work hard...

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A Compact and Orchard - 3

Valtra model range from 50 hp to 400 hp A TRUE VALTRA IS A SMALL AFFORDABLE SUPERHERO

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A Compact and Orchard - 5

In the Nordic region tractors have traditionally had to perform a wide range of different tasks, o ­ ften in extremely demanding conditions. That has been an important part of Valtra heritage and that is also true to the functions and styling of Valtra’s A Series Compact and Orchard models. There are many tasks on the farm that do not require the power of a larger tractor. A simpler, more affordable, and yet reliable multi-purpose machine can prove to be more suitable. The Valtra A Series tractor is a true all-rounder on every type of farm. It is at home harvesting olives in Portugal,...

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A Compact and Orchard - 7

The A Series Orchard model is especially designed to master the daily tasks on ­ arious v types of farms. With its 1,6 m. maximum width and 4.5 meter turning radius it fits well in the narrow passages between fruit trees. Still it is a true workhorse for use with different types of implements. The Valtra Orchard model is a very compact and powerful tractor with r ­ eliable transmission, efficient PTO, strong powerlift and hydraulics. The design of the tractor gives you best visibility on any implement in use. The smooth working transmission combined with compact dimensions gives you full...

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A Compact and Orchard - 9

The A Series Compact models come with either an open cab, with or without sun roof or with a cab ( air conditioning as optional ). An open cab is often the most ­ ractical p and cost efficient solution. All of the versions are easy to access and come with unique, p ­ ractical Valtra solutions like a floor that is uncluttered thanks to suspended pedals and is easy to keep clean. In the sound-insulated safety cab you can turn the heat down with air conditioning which is available as an option. The doors open wide, and the grab handles and steps are ­ turdy. s The cab is based on a design...

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A Compact and Orchard - 10


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A Compact and Orchard - 11

The transmission on the A Series Compact and Orchard models has acquired a reputation for being both reliable and easy to use. It allows the tractor to be driven with ­ recision in all situations. New axle and p chassis solutions ensure that Compact and ­ rchard tractors operate and maneuver well in even the O tightest spaces, including ­ etween and beneath trees in orchards, as well as in and around barns and b w ­ arehouses. These tractors are also extremely agile and easy to use in traditional built-up environments. The fully synchronized, genuine Valtra 12 +12R transmission with...

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A Compact and Orchard - 13

The A Series Compact and Orchard models are simple and easy to look after and maintain on a daily basis. The service intervals for the engine, transmission and hydraulics are long, and changing the oil is simple to do. The cooling system, air filter and fuel ­­ filter­ are also easy to maintain. There is plenty of space for service operations, and all service points are easy to reach. Our sales and service organization continues to serve our customers with dedication, professionalism and expertise long after delivery of the new tractor. Whether you have a question about spare parts,...

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A Compact and Orchard - 14

LIGHTWEIGHT WEIGHTLIFTER Valtra tractors are well known for their frontloader capabilities; strong, easy to operate and flexible for any use on farm or in municipality work. Valtra A Series Compact and Orchard models are no exception with Valtra front loaders available to suit both models.

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A Compact and Orchard - 15

Technical Specifications – Valtra A Series, Compact and Orchard models A53 / A63 / A73 MODEL Gearbox 12 + 12R, synchro shuttle Gearbox 12 + 12R, synchro shuttle Differential Lock Electro-Hydraulic Electro-Hydraulic Independent 2-speed PTO PTO Speed 1/rpm (engine) HYDRAULICS Max pump capacity (l/min) / max pressure (bar) Auxiliary hydraulic valves Max. lifting force, kN Length (with front weight), mm Weight with additional weights 4WD, kg * Specifications may vary by market. ** Overall dimensions according to the given tyres. Minimum width is 1625 mm (all models). Minimum height Orchard,...

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A Compact and Orchard - 16 The tractors that appear in this brochure may be equipped with special options. Changes possible – all rights reserved. YOUR WORKING MACHINE Mainostoimisto Ilme 02 / 2015 / Grano Oy Valtra Inc. Valmetinkatu 2 FI-44200 Suolahti

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