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N Series - 2

SMART IN SIZE. PERFECT IN PERFORMANCE. Your land is your life. Your farm is your foundation. Your crop is your career. Your tractor is the tool of your trade. That’s why it’s a Valtra. Like the trustworthy tools of a craftsman, your Valtra is what you need to get the job done. Every day. Every time. In every working environment. At Valtra, we have always chosen the path less walked – because where we come from, that’s what the paths are like. We don’t hesitate to walk the extra mile for you.
You don’t compromise, so neither do we. Get the job done. 
Get a Valtra.
 Your work

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N Series - 4

NO CHALLENGE TOO BIG. NO TASK TOO SMALL. The engine, transmission, chassis and cab are all made in Finland, with no compromises. Every year we build 23,000 Valtra tractors for customers in 75 countries. This makes us the leading tractor manufacturer in Scandinavia and the fifth largest western tractor brand in the world. We have been in Brazil since 1960, where we are the market leader in high horsepower tractors.

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N Series - 5

Where we come from, we know what it’s like to work day and night, summer and winter. We know about balancing jobs and requirements, without compromising on any of them. We also know our customers. We don’t talk much, but we listen. You told us that there are three big things you look at when you choose a Valtra. It is has to be reliable, around the year and from one year to the next. It has to be easy to use when you are working hard. And it has to provide the lowest total operating costs. That’s how we built the fourth generation Valtra N Series. It has many of the features as its...

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N Series - 6

PLANT YOUR MONEY WISELY. You work hard for your money and want good value when you spend it. The N Series tractor makes every penny count. Every day, every season, the N Series is your working machine.

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N Series - 7

Reliability, year after year We know that if we want to get the job done right, we’d better do it ourselves. That’s why we make the major components inhouse. We’ve designed and engineered the intelligent chassis, robust transmission and spacious cab ourselves. AGCO Power, the “Sisu”, has been the Valtra engine for more than 60 years. It is an engine that sets the standard for reliability. Ease of use for any job The N Series provides power for pulling a plough and agility for moving hay bales. It gives excellent visibility for precision work and versatility with PTO for...

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N Series - 8

WITH THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB, IT TAKES LESS WORK TO DO MORE. Get more done with less effort, with the right tool for your job. We build your tractor to meet your requirements, creating a working machine as versatile as you are. Come for a test drive!

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N Series - 9

Skyview cab with 365 Day visibility – nearly 7 m2 of window surface 270° windscreen wiper and heated front and rear windows Integrated 47 kN front lift and 78 kN rear lift Factory installed front loader with integrated casted subframe Hydraulic front axle suspension Pneumatic AutoComfort cab suspension The most comfortable and quiet (70dB) cab with 1 or 2 doors 10. Best ground clearance on the market (55 cm) 11. Electric TwinTrac reverse driving and 180° swivelling seat 12. Safety cameras 13. Efficient LED working lights 14. The most powerful 4 cylinder engine with max 185 hp and 730 Nm...

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N Series - 11

COMPACT OUTSIDE, SPACIOUS INSIDE. Compact on the outside but spacious inside. Climb into the driver's seat and relax. When it comes to comfort and safety, we make no compromises. Quality you can see but not hear The unique convex shape of the cab gives you more space where you need it: at shoulder and elbow height. The windows provide almost 7 m2 of visibility. The cab is narrow in the front to give space for the exhaust pipe and the high air intake. It’s built for reverse driving with TwinTrac, with a 180° swiveling seat and plenty of legroom in the rear. As always with a Valtra...

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N Series - 12

COMMAND YOUR N SERIES Valtra SmartTouch has raised usability to the new level. It’s more intuitive than your SmartPhone. Settings are easily accessible within only two taps or swipes and all technology is integrated in to the new easy-to-use format: Guidance, ISOBUS, Telemetry, AgControl and TaskDoc. Easy to navigate menu structure. Logical to set up settings with swipe gestures. All settings are automatically stored in memory. Intuitive way to set up settings with large controls and easy to understand functions. From any control you can control any hydraulic service including hydraulic...

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N Series - 13

MULTIFUNCTIONAL LEVER SCREEN 2. Rubber grip: With fi rst-class materials the drive lever is ergonomic, easy to use and comfortable. Ergonomical design: The design allows for easy lever movement in all four directions Button area in natural position for your thumb The design of buttons and switches was done with a function fi rst approach. Therefore buttons with different functions look different. Example the latching rocker switch for the rear linkage with a momentary down function for fast soil engagement. Three probrammable memomy buttons for any tractor operation on operations...

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N Series - 14

SPECIALIZE IN ANYTHING. COMPROMISE IN NOTHING. The workhorse for mixed farming The new N Series is the most powerful 4-cylinder tractor in the industry, with a power boost providing up to 185 hp and 730 Nm torque. With up to 200l/min hydraulics you have enough power for your implements, with up to 78 kN lift capacity in the rear and an 890 mm lifting range. With its optimal wheel base and the perfect 40%-60% weight distribution you get a good grip on the ground and good balance for front loader work. You can also select telemetry and guidance options (up to cm accuracy) directly from the...

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N Series - 15

The N Series offers unmatched versatility, whether you are doing mixed farming, dairy farming, municipal work, or contracting. Just select the horsepower, transmission, hydraulics, and optional features that are ideal for you. AGCO Finance offers unmatched service, with payment plans matching your exact needs.

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