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A Series - 1


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A Series - 2

A WORKING HERO. Your land is your life. Your farm is your foundation. Your crop is your career. Your tractor is the tool of your trade. That’s why it’s a Valtra. Like a craftsman’s trusty tools, your Valtra gives you the confidence and the guts to get the job done. Every day. Every time. In every working environment. At Valtra, we have always chosen the path less walked – because where we come from, that’s how the paths are. We don’t hesitate to walk the extra mile for you. We do things like this because it’s the best way to do them. And because we believe in getting things done. You don’t...

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A Series - 4


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A Series - 5

We don’t talk much, but we listen. That’s why we know our customers. We know what it’s like to work day and night, summer and winter. We know about balancing jobs and requirements without compromising on any of them. And we know the three things you look for when you choose a Valtra: It is has to be reliable, every day, year in, year out. It has to be easy to use when you are working hard. And it has to provide the lowest total operating costs. That’s how we built the all new, fourth generation Valtra A Series. It shares many of the features of its big brothers, the N and T Series, but in a...

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A Series - 6

YOU GET MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR. You work hard for your money, and demand the best value when you spend it. The A Series tractor makes every cent count. Every day, every season, the A Series is your working machine. Valtra’s fullymodular design means full adaptability to your needs. The modules act as building blocks for the configuration of the tractors, creating a menu of product specifications that has been carefully designed to maximize value for you. It is easy to build your own Valtra A series, offering the best fit for your farm. With the A Series you don’t have to work harder. Because...

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A Series - 7

Ease of use for any job The A Series has the power for pulling a plough and the agility for feeding your animals. It offers excellent visibility for precision work and versatility for power-hungry implements. The transmission operation could not be easier. The tractor is rather compact on the outside, but inside the cab you have plenty of space and comfort. Daily maintenance is simple: checking the fuel, oil and other liquids takes almost no time at all. Reliability, year after year We know that if we want to get the job done right, we’d better do it ourselves. That’s why we produce the...

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A Series - 9

START YOUR JOURNEY WITH US BY SELECTING ONE OF THE SEVEN MODELS. AFTER THAT THE POSSIBILITIES ARE UNLIMITED. Configuring your A Series starts with choosing the engine power that best suits the current and future needs of your business. After that, the modular design and long list of options mean that your Valtra can be fully adapted to your needs. Our unique Unlimited studio offers you a truly tailored fit. Everything is possible from specialized equipment configurations to custom paint jobs – all covered by the factory warranty. Engine power 75, 85 or 95 hp New 3 cylinder Compact series...

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A Series - 10

BIG IDEAS IN A COMPACT PACKAGE. The A Series shares many features with its award-winning big brothers, while offering more compact dimensions for superb usability and handling. The form follows function philosophy has driven the design and production of every component of the new tractor. As usual, we have made no compromises in perfecting our smallest 3 and 4 cylinder working machine.

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A Series - 12


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A Series - 13

The all-new cab offers a modern and comfortable working environment for long days out in the field. Following the awarded success of the N and T Series, the A Series cab offers class-leading visibility, comfort and space. The all-new six-post, two-door design manages to combine the excellent visibility of a four-post cab with the solidity provided by the stiff frame of a six-post cab. DESIGNED FOR COMFORT Class-leading ergonomy and a low noise level of just 75dB make sure the A Series keeps you comfortable in all situations. 25cm wider but only 3cm longer than its predecessor, the compact...

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A Series - 15

DESIGNED TO MAKE A STATEMENT The A Series cab is the newest and offers the most usable operator space in its class. The forwardleaning roof gives the tractor a powerful, even aggressive look that clearly means business. Quality materials and design are apparent in every detail from the precisely engineered new frame construction to the modern dashboard with both analogue and digital displays for advanced features like the optional performance monitor that keeps you updated on fuel consumption and area worked. Operator space 1. Main gear lever (from 1 to 6) 2. Hand throttle 3. Engine RPM...

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A Series - 17

FACTORY-FITTED FRONT LOADER. DESIGNED TO PERFECTLY COMPLEMENT YOUR WORKING MACHINE. Valtra tractors come with factory-fitted front loaders that are seamlessly integrated to the chassis at the assembly line. This ensures assembly quality and ergonomically designed controls. As the front loader is an integrated part of the tractor’s design, the front loader has no effect on the tractor’s turning radius. The innovative cab of the A Series is designed to offer excellent visibility during front loader work, and the optional high-visibility roof window enhances visibility even further. We think...

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A Series - 18

A purpose-built, rugged, durable and easy-to-maintain workhorse with modern styling - the Valtra A Series is a truly versatile tool to boost your business. Whether working as the main machine or as part of a fleet of many, the combination of the all-new AGCO POWER engines, the all-new cab and the all-new transaxles, tailored specifically for the 75 - 130 hp sector, make sure that the A Series delivers the goods. -- ** ‘ ' % * JLmm s, *■* 4 ^ t • •- * . * - * ~ : V

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A Series - 20

AGCO POWER ENGINE, RESPONSIVE POWER FOR EVERY TASK. Famous for their reliability, durability and fuel economy, the 3.3 litre and 4.4 litre AGCO Power engines are environmentally friendly and quiet, while offering high torque across a broad speed range. The Valtra A Series is fun to drive and easy to handle due to its unbeatable engine characteristics.

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