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Valtra N Series - 1

Valtra N Series HiTech / HiTech 5 / Versu / Direct 99 - 171 HP

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Valtra N Series - 4

Worldwide Valtra The company‘s roots date back to 1951, when the former “Valmet” are now sold in over 75 countries worldwide. Valtra is a worldwide weapons manufacturer was enlisted for civilian purposes and pro- brand of the AGCO Corporation, the third-largest manufacturer of duced the first Valmet 20 tractor. Since then, Valmet has undergone agricultural equipment in the world. huge change and development; not just in its name changes from Valmet and ValtraValmet to Valtra, but also in its vastly increased Today, Valtra is synonymous with a reliable, high-quality product tractor series...

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Valtra N Series - 5

Valtra Factories Valtra Suolahti, Finland Valtra Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil Importer / Valtra sales office AGCO POWER License manufacturing

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Valtra N Series - 6

Demand more from your tractor Introducing Valtra Unlimited, a completely new The team members are experts in Valtra tractors way of specifying your own individual tractor. and processes, ensuring that each tractor is de- Everything you want, just the way you like them, livered on time without delays. The Valtra Unlim- factory fitted. Valtra tractors have a proven rep- ited team can also call on all the expertise right utation for reliability. Whatever conditions you next to them in the factory. use your tractor in, and whatever tasks you use The Valtra Unlimited customising studio can cre-...

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Valtra N Series - 7

Valtra Unlimited

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Valtra N Series - 9

N Series 99 - 111 hp The two new N Series models N93 and N103 are ready to change your attitude. Our long innovative history with AGCO Power has once again proved its success. The new three-cylinder engine is overwhelming. New hood design gives you excellent visibility and makes front loader work easy and safe. On top of that we are introducing the new 5-step powershift transmission with user interface that has no equal. The practical, clear Nordic design is ergonomic and simple to use. These characteristics make N93 and N103 the best in their class. Come and tailor your new Valtra....

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Valtra N Series - 10

New design – optimum visibility The new N93 and N103 models have a new frontend frame design with an integrated front lift as an option. It has longer lifting range as in previous models and similar construction to four cylinder N-models. The lifting power is 28 kN. On the new N Series models the engine hood and every- thing under it has been re-designed. The wheelbase is 2533 mm, which is 1,5 mm shorter than on previous N82 and N92 models. The new features also include HiTech 5 transmission, new transmission user interface and booster brakes on HiTech 5’s. Wide choice of cab options Rear...

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Valtra N Series - 11

Highlights Tailoring your new tractor is the most economical solution, you have the power to choose 1 Economical three-cylinder engine saves costs 2 Improved visibility makes working easy and safe 3 Excellent agility improves productivity 4 New HiTech 5 transmission improves flexibility New front end frame design and front loader subframe improves front loader work productivity

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Valtra N Series - 12

Easy to use effective HiTech 5 and powerful hydraulics HiTech 5 is a new 5-step power shift transmission that increases the speed from Powershift step 1 to step 5 by 128 %. It has 20+20R speeds, with optional creeper 30+30R. HiTech 5 is simple to use, but it still gives the operator full control over the four groups and five power shift steps. The transmission has no gear levers: four robotized main gears shift with electronic control. With AutoTraction, Automatic Powershift and optional cruise control the tractor is as close to CVT as possible for a power shift tractor. Creeper and ground...

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Valtra N Series - 14

New 33AWI engine Compact powerhouse meets the tight emission regulations Valtra’s new lower hp end of the N-series is having a totally new type of engine from Agco Power (Finland). The three cylinder engine has gain a good reputation in A HiTech series as well as in other Agco machinery. Now with further development not only the emission control, but as well the user friendliness have reached a new level. New engine is called 33AWI, where A stand for after treatment, W for Waste gate and I for intercooler. This is a four valve engine, with rated power at 2200 r/min and max power at 1900...

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Valtra N Series - 16

Productivity demands versatility N Series 124 - 163 hp Productivity demands versatility 16 The Valtra N Series offers the very best performance and specifications in a balanced and functional package. The Valtra N Series represents Nordic practicality at its best, encouraging year-round use even in the most demanding conditions. All primary modules are designed and built in-house, including the engine, chassis, transmission, rear axle, hydraulics and cab. For us, versatility means that the same tractor can be used in various tasks and conditions, this is why contractors like Valtra...

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Valtra N Series - 17

Productivity demands versatility

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Valtra N Series - 18

Four ways to success Four ways to success › Base model › Three powershift gears › Open centre hydraulics › Two gear levers › New model series › Five powershift gears › Open centre hydraulics › No gear levers › Five powershift gears › Load sensing hydraulics › Valtra Arm › Stepless transmission › Load sensing hydraulics › Valtra Arm Engine, AGCO POWER Transmission Turbine clutch (option)

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Valtra N Series - 19

Optimised agility The turning radius on standard tyres is just 4.5 metres, which is unaffected by a front loader or front linkage. › New front end solution with more integrated front linkage and front loader: The outstanding agility of the new N Series is not affected by a front loader – 20 % more agile than before › The wheelbase has also been expanded by 100 mm – which in turn enhances stability Optimised agility A flat belly and high ground clearance are traditional benefits of Valtra tractors

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Valtra N Series - 20

AGCO POWER engines Strongest four cylinder AGCO POWER engines 20 The new 4-cylinder AGCO POWER 44AWI or 49AWI Common Rail engine is the heart of the N Series. These engines feature SisuTronic EEM3 electronic engine management that can adjust the fuel injection up to five times per combustion. The engine offers tried, tested and reliable technology that performs efficiently in all conditions. The strong design of AGCO POWER engines has proven its excellence over the years. A viscous fan and common rail fuel injection make the engine quiet while still providing excellent power and torque for...

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