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Valtra S Series - 1


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Valtra S Series - 2


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Valtra S Series - 4

FOR PROFESSIONALS WITH STRONG EXPERIENCE Valtra is an international brand from Scandinavia. Our Nordic heritage means that Valtra tractors perform the tasks they were designed and bought for – safely and efficiently. This is backed up by Valtra’s values: individuality, reliability and functionality. Valtra’s strength has always been our willingness to listen to our customers. According to customer surveys, the three most important criteria for selecting Valtra are reliability, low operating costs and a high return on investment. The fourth generation S Series has been tested in demanding...

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Valtra S Series - 5

A PARTNER TO FARMERS FOR OVER 60 YEARS Valtra has been building tractors for over 60 years and grown to become one of the most recognised international tractor brands. Valtra now manufactures over 23,000 tractors a year. With our roots in Finland, all Valtra tractors are the products of Scandinavian industrial design and practical technical solutions. We became part of the AGCO family in 2004. As the global leader in agricultural technology, AGCO is proud to invest in Valtra’s strong expertise and fine products. As a Valtra customer, you also benefit from the support of AGCO’s global...

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Valtra S Series - 6

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THE PROFITABILITY OF YOUR INVESTMENT? WE HAVE The fourth generation Valtra S Series is a tractor whose balanced performance helps you get the most out of your new investment, by maximising output and minimising costs. We have designed for you a reliable machine to which you can combine all the services you want. This allows us to ensure the best possible return on your investment. S Series tractors have everything you need but nothing that is unnecessary. Each detail has been carefully thought out, as profitability is the sum of competitive technology, reliability,...

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Valtra S Series - 7

THE SEEDS OF SUCCESS HAVE BEEN SOWN The Valtra S Series is a big tractor and a big investment that you can rely on for big results. Its basic features have been designed to handle even the toughest tasks. A powerful engine, stepless transmission and optimal weight distribution ensure efficient performance. The hydraulic output is exceptional for use with heavy-duty implements, either on the field or in the forest. The large cab offers a spacious work environment, and driving comfort is in a class of its own. Valtra is the only tractor manufacturer whose basic philosophy includes the ability...

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Valtra S Series - 8

RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY, CAREFULLY CONSIDERED DETAILS VALTRA S SERIES - A STRONG PACKAGE 1. AGCO POWER 84 AWF engine: A Finnish powerhouse and the world first! The first tractor engine to comply with the Tier 4 final emissions standard. Optimal reliability and efficiency. 1. The reliability of the S Series is the result of the perfect integration of the carefully considered details. The combination of the perfect engine and transmission with the latest functional design and optimal usability makes the S Series a tractor unlike any other you have tried before. Valtra has many patented solutions that...

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Valtra S Series - 9

Valtra user interface Hydraulic front axle suspension Integrated front linkage (50 Kn) AGCO POWER 8.4l SCR engine (up to 400hp) Work lights, 4+2 in front, 6 at rear CVT transmission ( AVT - AGCO Variable Transmission ) 10. AdBlue tank (60 litres) 11. Diesel tank (630 litres) 12. Long wheelbase (3105 mm) 13. New projector headlights (H7) 14. Valtra’s 4th generation design (improved visibility) 15. Auto-Guide readiness as standard

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Valtra S Series - 10

BEST ENGINE ON THE MARKET When you invest in a Valtra S Series, you are also investing in the most reliable and efficient engine technology available on the market. AGCO POWER’s roots as an engine manufacturer reach back over 60 years. All S Series engines come from the AGCO POWER factory in Finland. AGCO POWER is the global leader in off-road engines and the factory manufacturers over 70 000 engines a year. The reliable 8.4 AWF AGCO POWER engine is the key to the productivity of the S Series. The engine uses the latest AGCO POWER technology to comply with the Tier 4 final, stage 4 emissions...

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Valtra S Series - 11

TWIN TURBO POWER The new Valtra S Series has two sequential turbochargers for better torque at lower revs and lower exhaust temperatures, which in turn increases durability and reduces maintenance requirements. It also enables even better driving characteristics and lower emissions reliably without the need for expensive technical solutions. The fuel economy of the S Series has always been competitive relative to the achieved kilowatt hours, for example relative to the number of cubic metres of wood that can be chipped or the number of hectares that can be tilled. The 8.4 AWF AGCO POWER...

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Valtra S Series - 12

THE MOST POPULAR STEPLESS TRANSMISSION, ON THE MARKET The overall efficiency of the Valtra S Series is further enhanced by the stepless AGCO Variable Transmission (AGCO AVT). Manufactured by AGCO in Germany, this transmission has been the European market leader among big tractors for years. Its popularity is based on its versatility and, above all, its fuel efficiency. Especially for contracting work that requires a lot of driving between locations, the AGCO Variable Transmission enables you to drive efficiently at low engine speeds.

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Valtra S Series - 13

AN INNOVATION THAT COMBINES THE BEST The S Series combines leading innovations by Valtra, AGCO POWER and German engineers. The intelligent tractor control system developed by Valtra combines these to create an unbeatable package: power that is efficient, easy to use and reliable. OPTIMISED TRANSMISSION The AGCO Variable Transmission features different work areas for tasks requiring different speeds. Work area A is for all work situations requiring heavy pulling force, while work area B is for general road transport. This enables the pulling power and transmission efficiency to be optimised....

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Valtra S Series - 14

DRIVER COMFORT AND EFFICIENT WORKING The patented Valtra ARM driver’s armrest provides excellent support in all situations and is easy to use. The controls on the armrest make it easy to control the transmission, hydraulics nd d and ground speed. The U-Pilot headland management system can also be used to control implements. The colour on n screen is easy to read, and transmission settings can be preset to make your work even easier.

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