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Smart Factory Feed mill automation Smart Factory is a proven and scalable modular software platform for the automation of batch and continuous processes, powered by the Engie MES Toolbox. The platform includes a number of generic software components dedicated to the feed industry, which positions the Van Aarsen - Smart Factory as next generation feed mill automation system. With increased plant performances of 10%-30%. Smart Factory has been implemented for many feed producers being a complete solution for controlling the entire production of a feed mill: intake of raw materials, dosing, grinding, mixing, pressing into pellets and loading of bulk trucks. This reliable one solution automation system has all the tools for constant and optimal quality, has a faster control and runs closer to critical settings. Benefits and features High performance Using Smart Factory the performance of an existing feed mill can be improved with more than 10%. Even results of 30% were achieved depending on the mechanical capabilities of the production equipment. This offers a return of investment of less than 2 years! Optimal control ▶ Integrated functionality for controlling the entire production of a feed mill ▶ Built-in process optimization tool visualizes potential bottlenecks in the production process ▶ Route planning for trucks with geographic information ensures efficient logistics ▶ Settings are stored in the recipe ▶ Software fail-over Energy efficiency ▶ Built-in energy performance measurement ▶ Fast start-up thus low downtime Cost efficiency ▶ The software is fully web-based: No installation of specific software and no need of expensive licenses for the workstations. ▶ Interfaces for e.g. weighing bridges, barcode and RFID readers are provided. ▶ VPN internet connection for service purpose is possible Flexible ▶ Compatible with standard PLC series, preferable Siemens S7 ▶ Runs on all MS-Windows versions, VMware ESX and Linux ▶ Applicable for new as well as (parts of) existing feed mill installations High quality ▶ Full software redundancy provides high uptime and avoids data loss (machine parameters, recipes, alarms etc.) ▶ The concept meets the industry standards ISA-88 and ISA-95 consistently. User friendly operation ▶ Clear visual displays for Gantt chart based optimization- and bottleneck analysis tool ▶ Advanced Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard with which the status of most important KPI’s of the plant can be presented Datasheet No rights can be claimed, based on the information in this document. Descriptions and illustrations are subject to change, due to continuous product improvement

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Feed Mill Automation - 2

Efficiency options Quality options Overall Functionality Basic Smart Factory system based on ISA 88 and ISA 95 Article / recipe management Silo, tank, storage management Stock management Tracking and tracing basic (no scanning, no labels) Real-time and historical trending of all signals Advanced batch registration Functionality Intake Functionality Dosing / Mixing Functionality Pelleting Functionality outloading with manual weight registration Basic hardware configuration with hot standby server Performance optimization tool (efficiency control) Quality measurements Maintenance management...

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Feed Mill Automation - 3

Efficiency options Quality options Functionality Intake Intake registration with supplier and truck Prepare intake for list of silos Manual registration of the net weight Start transport from operator room Article code check on silo Automatic change over to next silo when silo is full Transport change over in product stream Weight per silo based on time division Push button near intake pit for start / stop ERP interface for purchase orders Weight interface and legal weight registration RFID tags for automatic start Touch screen near intake points Printing of HACCP documents Quality...

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Feed Mill Automation - 4

Efficiency options Quality options Functionality Pelleting Production planning Configuration of all equipment according ISA 88 Contamination check Advanced batch reporting Recipe versions and per pellet mill Speed measurement based on RPM Energy saving and optimization functions Automatic starting of pellet line Quality measurement after cooler Automatic sample taking after cooler Efficiency options Quality options Functionality Outloading Basic silo administration with manual input of loaded weight Bagging of transport with manual input of weight Communication sales orders with ERP...

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