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Long Term Vessel with twin screw feeder Process Conditioning is the result of the variables moisture, temperature and time. As moisture and temperature are related, time is the ultimate variable to enhance the process. Time can be gained with the application of a Long Term Vessel (LTV). The LTV, placed after the steam mixer, significantly improves the process of feed conditioning. This has a major effect on bio-security, optimizing the nutritional quality of the feed and enhancing the pelletability of the product as well as improving the pellet quality. Benefits and features High effectiveness ▶ Better physical (hardness and durability) and chemical (gelatinisation, pathogenic germs, etc.) quality of the mash and pellets are possible, in combination with a tuned recipe and die configuration ▶ Better performance of the animals (production, feed conversion as well as health status) ▶ Variable retention time up to 4 min at a temperature up to 90°C ▶ Optimal product treatment due to LTV retention time screw, with guaranteed first in - first out principle ▶ Very low energy consumption (less than 0.25 kWh/ton possible) ▶ Up to 20% higher capacity of the pellet mill ▶ Up to 20% less energy consumption of the pellet mill ▶ Wide range of raw materials, with more difficult gelatinization, can be processed ▶ Optimal operation of LTV with twin screw feeder is fully integrated with pellet mill control ▶ Ensures equal, continuous and accurate feeding of the pellet mill Features The LTV is a functional, complete machine, in which all safety devices, optimal control requirements and other necessary features are included. ▶ Frequency controlled drives to achieve necessary retention times and equal filling of the pellet mill ▶ All parts that come into contact with product are manufactured out of stainless steel for prevention of corrosion and minimizing contamination ▶ The LTV is featured with: ▶ An electrical heated system and insulation to prevent condensation inside the LTV and maintain optimal temperature ▶ Screw shaft end executed with double ribbon ▶ Large, hinged doors for easy cleaning ▶ Doors provided with safety switches ▶ Standard provisions to place the steam mixer directly on top of the LTV ▶ LTV head contains: ▶ Scraper plate for hygienic cleaning ▶ ‘Full’ detector ▶ Vibrating rod sensors on multiple positions to ensure continuous flow to the pellet mill ▶ Advantages of twin screw feeder ▶ Pellet mill load fluctuations down to 2% ▶ Higher pellet mill load resulting in higher capacity ▶ Improved temperature set due to improved measurement ▶ More flexibility in pelleting line set up due to possible excentric placement of chute ▶ Constant product feeding in the pellet mill leading to less wear of the rollers ▶ Twin screw feeder functions as steam lock ▶ Chute between LTV and twin screw feeder ▶ Between 250-2000 mm (130 L product buffer volume at 1m height) ▶ Insulated ▶ Sensors included ▶ Level switch in the outlet for detecting overload on pellet mill ▶ Connection with PT100 cleaner ▶ Automatically self-cleaning PT100 in the outlet for product temperature registration Datasheet No rights can be claimed, based on the information in this document. Descriptions and illustrations are subject to chan

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Complete setup LTV with buffer chute and twin screw feeder Weight (without product) Maximum product volume inside E (depending on Feeding screw ø) F** G (depending on Feeding screw ø) Drive retention vessel 160 mm diameter twin screw 200 mm diameter twin screw ** Dimension will be determined during installation for connection on the pellet mill

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