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single shaft paddle mixer Process The range of MultiMix paddle mixers, single & twin shaft, premix, and twin shaft coater, is designed to mix a wide range of raw materials, additives and liquids into a homogeneous animal feed mixture, within a short mixing time. Benefits and Features High effectiveness ▶ Fast and accurate homogeneity for feed according to GMP+ Guidelines. ▶ Homogeneity: coefficient of variation CV<5% * ▶ Excellent mixing performance and effectiveness because of compact form and high speed mixing ▶ Filling can vary from 30% of nominal filling degree up to 100% ▶ Excellent hygienic properties, because of its round form and complete opening of the mixer outlet ▶ Secure closing of bomb doors due to special lever construction, to prevent product leakage and opening, also in case of pressure loss ▶ Depending on the specific features of the blended ingredients and liquids, liquid addition is possible up to 6% of the total volume ▶ Accurate and customer-specific liquid dosing due to different nozzle executions ▶ Stainless steel liquid spray pipes with pneumatic cleaning function to avoid contamination ▶ Efficient production process due to short total batch time ▶ Re-adjustable paddle plates for easy maintenance ▶ Exchangeable paddle plates for lower maintenance costs ▶ Exchangeable top plates on bombdoors lowering maintenance costs * recipe and process conditions dependent Features ▶ Round shape with length–diameter ratio of approximately 1:1 ▶ Minimum contamination due to absence of dead corners ▶ Nominal filling at 70% of the total mixer volume for optimal mixing ▶ The paddle plates constructed out of wear resistant stainless steel ▶ Large access door with safety switch for cleaning purpose ▶ Bomb-door opening in the body is a 70 degree angle ▶ Large bomb doors open up to under the head plates to minimize contamination ▶ Beaters on the bomb-doors for complete emptying to minimize contamination ▶ Steel to steel closure to prevent caking of the product and leakages ▶ Reliable, shaft mounted gearbox ▶ Designed and constructed according to CE and ATEX safety regulations Options ▶ Bomb-door on top for quick filling of mixer ▶ Slides on top for less build-in height ▶ Pipe connection on top for adding additives (manual or with dosing unit) ▶ Product contact parts in stainless steel, except for the paddle shaft ▶ Insulation to prevent condensation for hygienic production ▶ Frequency controlled drive for controlled start-up of the mixer ▶ De-aeration piping for a controlled airflow, from bin below or above mixer, to the mixer ▶ Up to 7 stainless steel liquid spray pipes, mounted to the side of the mixer body; more spray pipes possible, on request ▶ The MultiMix paddle mixer can be applied in a weighing configuration, for control-weighing ▶ Possible start-up under full load No rights can be claimed, based on the information in this document. Descriptions and illustrations are subject to chang

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Geared motor Minimum product content Bomb door above Maximum product content*** Total Motor mixer power volume mixer Main shaft speed Max. number of liquid pipes Motor with gearbox with V-belt transmission 6.000 * Vertical Drive. ** 110 kW when density recipe > 550 kg/m3 and liquids addition > 4%. *** Kg or liter, whichever comes first, depending on the product density! Maximum product density: 650 kg/m3. Minimum filling Maximum (nominal) filling *70° bomb door opening

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