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Steam mixer Process The first step in the process of conditioning is the application of a steam mixer. Steam treatment is necessary for optimal pelleting. By injecting dry steam (fluid and temperature), starch gelatinization is induced within a short period of time. The duration of conditioning can be extended by adding a Long Term Vessel in the process, behind the steam mixer. Steam conditioning decreases mechanical friction during pelleting (which saves energy), improves pellet quality and pellet durability (PDI) for handling and transportation of finished feeds. To facilitate an adequate supply of high quality steam, necessary for a proper conditioning process, Van Aarsen can provide a complete solution. Benefits and features High effectiveness ▶ The steam injection pipe injects the steam directly into the meal, for optimal absorption ▶ Due to the unique design of the paddles, the paddle plates as well as the paddle stakes take part in the mixing process, for optimal mixing ▶ Single or double, or application of a Long Term Conditioner for a longer retention time Energy efficiency ▶ The steam is optimally absorbed, no loss of steam temperature to the mixer body (by means of insulated and heated mixer body) ▶ Steam lock at mixer product inlet, preventing steam from leaking into the dosing screw. ▶ Insulated and heated mixer body (optional) ▶ Steam quantity is determined by the capacity flowing through the dosing screw Low maintenance costs ▶ Minimum maintenance due to unique paddle construction ▶ Paddles are bolted to the shaft, for easy and cost effective replacement of the paddles ▶ Mixer body, end plates and wear-resistant mixer paddles made of high quality, steam resistant stainless steel ▶ Self-cleaning temperature sensor in outlet Easy and safe operation ▶ Large access doors with safety switches for cleaning and maintenance ▶ Designed and constructed according to CE and ATEX safety regulations High feed quality ▶ Better physical (hardness and durability) and chemical (gelatinization, pathogenic germs, etc.) quality of the pellets and mash are possible, also depending on a tuned recipe and die configuration ▶ Temperature sensor in outlet provided with selfcleaning functionality; cleans after each batch to prevent contamination ▶ Steam reducing group and/or steam control group, for adequate supply of high quality steam (optional) Flexible production ▶ Manually adjustable wear-resistant mixer paddles. The adjustment can be tuned for different recipes or capacities. High automation level ▶ Optimal operation of steam mixer; the automation is fully integrated with the pellet mill control and adjusted to the pellet mill load. ▶ Steam addition can be regulated by the meal temperature which is measured in the outlet of the mixer Design ▶ Compact design due to direct drive Datasheet No rights can be claimed, based on the information in this document. Descriptions and illustrations are subject to change, due to continuous product improve

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Single steam mixer for C and CU-type pellet mill Double steam mixer for C and CU-type pellet mill Single Steam Mixer Double Steam Mixer Pellet mill Retention time (s) Drive type *Total weight = including complete drive, excluding product The steam mixers must be provided with a star/delta-switch. An alternative is a soft-starter or frequency controller

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