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van Dijk Heat exchange for more sustainable cultivation Because of the increasing emphasis that is being put on sustainability and energy savings, improvement of the greenhouse climate is playing an increasingly more important role in modern greenhouse horticulture. The Active Ventilation System (AVS) developed by Van Dijk heating ensures active ventilation of the greenhouse air with relatively dry outdoor air. Because the outdoor air contains less moisture than the air in the greenhouse, the greenhouse air is dehumidified in the process. To realise an even more sustainable application, Van Dijk heating developed an AVS unit incorporating a heat exchanger. This AVS WTW unit warms the incoming outdoor air (cold) with the air leaving the greenhouse (warm). The inbuilt valve register makes it possible to opt for a number of different application modes. The payback period is similar to that for a standard AVS unit, about 3-4 years.

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heating Active Ventilation System (AVS-WTW) AVS with Heat Exchange AVS-WTW system The AVS unit is fitted with a heat exchanger for even more sustainable cultivation. In this AVS WTW unit the CV element has been replaced with a heat exchanger. This warms the ventilation air drawn in from the outside with the air leaving the greenhouse. A ventilator sucks the greenhouse air in and blows it outside through the heat exchanger. A second ventilator sucks the outdoor air in through the heat exchanger, which warms it up, and blows the heated air into the air hoses. An ingenious valve system in the...

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