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The turbulator is one of the special products made by Van Dijk heating. The turbulator are delivered in large numbers to manufacturers of boilers, water heaters and air heaters. Installation companies often apply the Van Dijk turbulator to replace other types of turbulators. Retarders Turbulators Van Dijk heating is the leader in turbulator sales on the European market.

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Retarders Turbulators Pressure drop (Druckverlust, Perte de la pression) Chart: Pressure drop Operating principle The turbulators are positioned in the fire tube to create turbulence. Consequently the heat transfer and the output increase considerably. At the same time the temperature of the chimney decreases. (Druckverlust, Perte de la pression) The turbulators are produced by means of hydraulic deep drawing. In this process the base material, thin metal sheets or strips, is formed as desired. The elongation at rupture of the material must at least be 20%. Depending on the application, a...

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