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only in one place might give inaccurate results that can lead to wrong decisions. Easy setup and operation This problem can be easily eliminated by the BAT2 Duo automatic poultry scale that weighs birds at two places in the house. This gives accurate results and warns you about poor uniformity. The BAT2 Duo comes with two weighing platforms that are placed in different locations in the poultry house. The scale uses both platforms simultaneously to get weighing data and to calculate accurate results. More is better  Make better decisions with the new 2 Duo automatic poultry scale Data collected from both weighing platforms can be downloaded via BAT Drop application or sent to the BAT Cloud for in-depth analysis. Improved weighing accuracy and uniformity assessment Higher number of weighed birds Better decisions and profitability It’s a known fact that birds in a poultry house tend to stay in a certain area and don’t move much around the house. If heavier birds stay in one part of the house and lighter ones in another the flock uniformity is low and you may not even know about it. Weighing birds VEIT Electronics, Modricka 52, 664 48 Moravany, Czech Republic Cost-effective way of getting more accurate results Data overview in the BAT Cloud tel: +420 545 235 252, e-mail:, Know more For maximum efficiency you need to manage all the birds as one - as a flock. This is only possible when the uniformity value is above 80 %. In some cases one platform may not be enough to reveal systemic flaws in feed, heat or air distribution. You can only obtain this vital information by sampling two or more places in the house. You don’t need to buy two scales any

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