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Mounted Plain Disc Mowers

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Working the land, running my farm and connecting with nature. Farming is my way of living, and despite being rough at times, I never grow weary of everyday tasks of attending to my land and livestock. I keep up with developments by staying loyal to personal philosophies and applying the appropriate strategy. I shape and influence my own future by combining craftsmanship with modern technology, employing the very best machinery. I actively seek new opportunities, by being innovative in my way of working. I work hard to grow a good crop. I am passionate about my livestock, providing my...

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”From April to September we do summer feeding” Fresh Grass Contains More Energy than Silage ”We started feeding fresh grass into the shed, simply because we wanted more milk yield from our feed, and for this we specifically bought this mower. It can place wide and narrow swaths, perfect for the loader wagon that can easily pick up the swath. Our cows produce more milk and they are fit. We are very happy with this system.” Pieter Sieperda, Groningen The Netherlan

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EXTRΔ 100-200-300-400 - 6

Unmatched Cutting Performance with Three-Bladed Discs ‘Express’ – Easy and Quick Change of Knives With Express quick change system replacing or turning knifes is easily done. All disc mowers in the EXTR∆ range can be fitted with the ‘Express‘ system for quick and easy changing of knives. Simply place the lever around the bolt, release the spring by turning the lever, and the knife is ready to be replaced by a new one. “ Triangular discs – It´s

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EXTRΔ 100-200-300-400 - 7

Three-Bladed Discs for More Cuts With three blades per disc Vicon EXTR∆ mowers are constantly cutting. This means a third less load per knife and an even load on the drive and smoother power usage in addition to producing a neat, clean cut stubble. Each steel knife is precisely angled to immediately convey the cut crop upwards with a combination of mechanical action and air flow towards the conditioning rotor or rollers. “ Always counter rotating discs is our secret to a clean cut” Even number of discs means always counter rotating discs and generous overlap on all discs. Always...

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EXTRΔ 100-200-300-400 - 8

Cutting Performance in New Dimensions Even number of counter-rotating discs for improved overlap. Low noise level thanks to specially tooled gear wheels. Three-bladed discs for highest cutting frequency in the market. High oil capacity ensuring low working temperature. Smooth stone guard design for excellent cutting quality. Fully welded cutterbar for a very strong construction. “ The heavy duty cutterbar built to last

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EXTRΔ 100-200-300-400 - 9

Low Noise Cutterbar The cutterbar is designed for low maintenance and offers a very quiet operation. Operators will appreciate low noise of the cutterbar – convenient during a long and busy working day. The long curved gear wheels run smoothly in oil and provide lots of power transmission with little slack. Twisted knives for a clean cut in all conditions. The Strong Cutterbar Designed to Perform The EXTR∆ cutterbar has a high oil capacity, which ensures a very low working temperature. This guarantees an efficient oil cooling and lubrication of the whole cutterbar. The fully welded...

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EXTRΔ 100-200-300-400 - 10

NonStop BreakAway – Keeping Cutterbars Running

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If hitting an obstacle the NonStop BreakAway system will be activated and swing the machine backwards… …and over the obstacle and then return it to the original working position. No need to stop - no time lost. Protection of the Cutterbar Vicon EXTR∆ 200, 300 and 400H models are all fitted with the Vicon NonStop BreakAway system to protect the cutterbar. The integrated NonStop BreakAway system will protect the cutterbar from foreign obstacles. If an obstacle is hit in the field the mowing unit will swing backwards and up. This gives maximum protection of the cutterbar. Effortless Protection...

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EXTRΔ 100-200-300-400 - 12

Output and Energy Consumption in Optimum Combination Efficient Performance Paired with Low Weight - Mow 8.70m with Only 140hp The EXTR∆ 390 and 395 plain disc mower from Vicon, are a combination that provides efficient performance with the 8.70m and 9.50m working width paired with a low weight design. The EXTR∆ 390 and 395 are an eco-friendly, energy saving solution purposely built for low operating costs in terms of power and fuel consumption, with power requirements starting at only 120hp. The low weight of only 1360 and 1500kg respectively, together with the ideal weight distribution...

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EXTRΔ 100-200-300-400 - 13

EXTR∆ 390-395 in Short: • 8.70-9.50m Working Width. • NonStop BreakAway. • Centre suspended mowing units. • Strong and stable parking device. • Two mounting options. • Vertical Transport Position. • Fully welded EXTR∆ cutterbar with triangular discs. • Hydraulic Ground Adjustment - On the Go. Excellent Ground Adaptation EXTR∆ 390-395 are fitted with two adjustable ground pressure springs, making setting of the best possible ground pressure easily done, to match the needs of each specific mowing operation. Headland Turns When turning on headlands the hydraulic cylinder, which is also used...

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EXTRΔ 100-200-300-400 - 14

A Full-Feature Machine Centre Suspension The mowing units are centre suspended offering an even weight distribution across the complete mower width. Faster and more precise adaptation to ground contours is also achieved due to the centre suspended design. The benefit is less skid wear and optimum protection of the stubble. Vertical Transport Position For transport the mower folds into a compact position well behind the tractor. The folding design ensures that the weight is distributed evenly, with the weight of the mower close to the tractor. Endguards are foldable to further limiting...

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1 NonStop BreakAway System. Two Mounting Options EXTR∆ 390-395 can be adjusted for optimal operation according to different circumstances, such as field contours or working width of the front mounted mower. To ensure optimal overlap between front and rear units, the mowing units can be mounted in two positions on the suspension arm. This also gives you an option of wider overlap in hilly conditions, lessening the need for SideShift equipment. NonStop BreakAway System The Vicon NonStop BreakAway system protects the cutterbar from foreign obstacles. When encountering an obstacle the NonStop...

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