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Dairy Farming How to earn more money? Animal health NUTRITION AND HEALTH EXPERTS

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Increase the net income / dairy cow 1 Milk quantity / dairy cow Focus on: a performing herd > Intake > Digestibility of forages > Balance and stability of the ration > Quality and availability of water The herd’s feed efficiency is a crucial point for economic return on dairy farming. Feed efficiency kg of milk/kg of dry matter intake Immunity and animal health Focus on: healthy cows The animal health requires a lot of prevention in order to maintain a performing herd and keep the breeder’s motivation and comfort up to level. > omfort (bedding, ventilation, light, …) C > Udder health...

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Drying period and preparation for calving Objectives: > Maintaining intake capacity > aintaining efficient microorganism rumen population M > upporting protein and energy needs of the cow and its calf S > Prevent hypocalcemia after calving Vitacarte Biocell Tarie Mineral with negative DCAD+ mycotoxins binder Around calving Objectives: > Stimulating cow’s intake > Limiting stress and weight loss > Rehydrating the cow and reactivating the rumen Vitadrench Drenching product Glucose precursor Pellet/liquid Throughout lactation period Objectives: > Maximizing ruminal function > Covering the...

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The Vitacarte Concept Make your life easier! A customized premix = only 1 product to incorporate in the ration between 400 and 600 g/DC/d > Mineral adapted to the ration (for example: 5/25/5) > Calcium carbonate > Magnesium oxyde > Sodium bicarbonate > Salt > dditives: RumenStimul, biotin, mycotoxin binders, A Zinpro® chelates, Smartamine®, Packaging in big-bags or bags. Bulk product via pneumatic conveyor. The Bovine Range • Minerals Minerals for dairy cows, minerals for dry cows, licking buckets, bolus • Protected raw materials Protected fats, by-pass proteins, slow release urea,...

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