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Glycoline - 1

The power line to performance Metabolic stress management Improves performances Stimulates intake Reduces metabolic stress

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Glycoline - 2

The power line to performance A mix of glucose precursors and neoglucogenesis catalyzers Active matters > Glucose precursors for the cow: Blood glucose Blood ketone bodies • Monopropylene glycol • Glycerol • Sorbitol • Propionate • Cobalt > Cobalt is necessary for energy metabolism and for the synthesis of methionine and choline > Niacin inhibits lipolysis, reduces circulating fatty acids NEFA and stimulates glucogenic metabolism Synergy and kinetics of the 4 glucogenic agents Synergy and kinetics of the 4 glucogenic agents Blood glucose: Glucose delivery in blood Monopropylene Glycol...

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Glycoline - 3

Glucose An essential nutrient Glucose is essential for the milk production > The only precursor for lactose synthesis in the udder > The udder glucose uptake determines milk yield > Increase in blood glucose = increase in milk production Trial result, Iran - Glycoline fed 300gr/day from 20 days prepartum to 30 days post partum BHBA (mmol/L) Glucose (mg/dL) Production first 60 DIM (kg/cow) 38 Body daily demand for a cow producing 40L Overton, 1998 Glucose is essential to a good fertility > Necessary for follicle recruitment & growth > Required for a quick uterine involution PERIPARTUM SERUM...

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Glycoline - 4

Every stress increases glucose consumption by the body > Transition period & calving stress > Heat stress > Social stress > Transportation stress > Weaning stress Cows very quickly suffer from rising ambient temperatures. Ketosis, still a current issue: 43% of cows between 3 to 16 DIM are positive for BHBA (McArt 2015) Effects of ketosis : > If SCK between 3 and 7 days : • 6.1 times more LDA • 4.5 times more culling • 2.2kg less milk in 1st 30 DIM > Every 0.1mmol/L BHBA > - 0.5 kg milk in 30 DIM Cost of subclinical ketosis (McArt et al, 2015): 289 € Subclinical Ketosis is prejudicial for...

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Glycoline - 5

Trial results Obtained in commercial dairies worldwide from 2005 to 2016 Glycoline increases plasma glucose and decreases plasma BHBA EFFECT OF GLYCOLINE ON PLASMA BHBA Relative change in plasma Glucose compare to control, mmoL/L Relative change in plasma Glucose compare to control, MG/DL EFFECT OF GLYCOLINE ON PLASMA GLUCOSE Glycoline improves production 5 Relative change in milk Glucose compare to control, Kg/Cow/Day EFFECT OF GLYCOLINE ON MILK YIELD Glycoline improves performances during heat stress Field results in France in heat stress conditions (THI between 75 and 85 day & night) -...

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Glycoline - 6

Ml B Glycoline m ^ The power line to performances " " ** Ways of feeding: > Mixed in the TMR, or by top feeding, for fresh and close up groups > In robotic milking feeder or automatic feeder > In drinking water by using a dosing pump GLYCOLINE can also be used: • Mixed in a drench solution: 500ml/cow • For ketosis (clinical and subclinical) treatment: 400ml/cow/day during 5 days Against heat stress 150 to 200ml/cow/day for all lactating cows when THI > 70 > By top feeding on the TMR: for the best effect on intake > Mixed in the TMR Others situations GLYCOLINE for goats and ewes: pregnancy...

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