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ESEdiineThe Programmed Acidification© technologyHEALTHY solution DEMEDICATION Control digestive and respiratory disorders Optimise digestive process Reconcile efficiency and quality of products NUTRITION AND HEALTH EXPERTISE

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Vitalac acidification, A real alternative facing you In the face of antibiotic resistance development, new practices must be applied in livestock breeding. To reduce the use of antibiotics, alternative solutions are needed. Acids, effective and natural solution > aturally present in our environment: in nature N and everyday products > ontributors of endogenous digestive process C of all animals > iversity of forms and actions, on health D and nutrition Vitacid complexes, strength of a synergy > ontrol of organic and mineral acids complexes C in free and associated form > Health risk...

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Vitacid Line - 3

line The programming of effectiveness Vitalac develops the Programmed Acidification©, an unique technology based on specific formulations of acids complexes. It acts in a targeted and complementary way from its introduction into the water and the feed and then throughout all the digestive tract. For an optimal dosing Objective: • Control of the pathogenic flora E. Coli Area detrimental to bacterial development Area beneficial to bacterial development • A customised dosing Vitacid in feed 5 General improvement of performances Decontamination and preservation action Acidic effect 6,5 5...

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Vitacid Line - 4

• Preservation: Fongiprotect, Fongistop • Feed: Vitacid HP, Salmoccide, Digest’ion, V&V, Isoshell • Drinking water: Vitacid HP, V&V, Palm H + • In feed • Spraying in the mixer • In drinking water Acidification precursor, Vitalac puts its 30 years of expertise in nutrition and health to work for livestock breeding aroun

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