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Cassia F1 New hybrid Romanesco for the organic market! Green-grey striped fruits are cylindrical, heavy, highly uniform, and of excellent quality, facilitating easy packing and display. Fruits are traditionally sold with their long-holding, bright yellow-orange blossoms intact. Cassia has exceptional tolerance to cold temperatures, making it well-suited for early season planting in high tunnel or open field. Under cool conditions, Cassia will continue to set high quality fruits over a long cycle. Cassia is not recommended for hot growing conditions. Most Romanesco squash varieties on the market have vining, wild plants. In contrast, while Cassia has excellent vigor, the plant is also balanced, uniform and open, allowing for easier cultivation, harvest, and overall beter plant health. PLANT Vigorous and Open for Easy Harvest Open Field and Tunnel Intermediate (48-52 average Days to Harvest) Cylindrical, Uniform, Slightly Ribbed Green with Grey Striping DISCLAIMER Descriptions, recommendations and illustrations included correspond as closely as possible to tests and practical experience. This information is provided to assist professional growers and users; however, variable local conditions must be taken into account. Under no circumstances shall Enza Zaden accept liability based on such information for deviating results in the cultivated product. The purchaser is responsible for determining whether the items are suitable for the intended cultivation type and location. CONTACT INFORMATION Shaina Bronstein Organic Product Specialist, Northwest US/Canada +1 831-737-0525 | Amy Kaplan Organic Product Specialist, California/Southwest US +1 831-998-1413 | Erica Renaud Business Manager, Organics & Herbs North America +1 831-262-7635 | 7 Harris Place | Salinas, CA 93901 | | Toll Free +1 855-800-ENZA (3692)

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