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C AU L I F LOW E R Breeding and Producing Organic Seeds Self-covering, bright white heads Strong plant habit Produces high quality heads under cooler climates Late maturing for Fall harvest HARVEST PERIOD Very Large, Strong Wrap HEAD SHAPE TARGETED REGION PRODUCT FORM AVAILABLE Northern Regions Early maturity Uniform, dense heads Partially self-covering Upright leaf habit HARVEST PERIOD Upright leaves HEAD SHAPE TARGETED REGION PRODUCT FORM AVAILABLE Northern Regions All Vitalis cauliflower varieties are developed using self-incompatibility, and do not incorporate cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS). See Fact Sheet on reverse side for more information. DISCLAIMER Descriptions, recommendations and illustrations included correspond as closely as possible to tests and practical experience. This information is provided to assist professional growers and users; however, variable local conditions must be taken into account. Under no circumstances shall Enza Zaden accept liability based on such information for deviating results in the cultivated product. The purchaser is responsible for determining whether the items are suitable for the intended cultivation type and location. CONTACT INFORMATION Adrienne Shelton Organic Product Specialist, Northeast/Midwest US +1 703-231-5377 Shaina Bronstein Organic Sales Representative, Northwest US/Western Canada +1 831-737-0525 Amy Kaplan Sr. Organic Product Specialist, California/Southwest US +1 831-998-1413 Erica Renaud Regional Business Manager, Vitalis & Herbs North America +1 831-262-7635 7 Harris Place | Salinas, CA 93901 | | Toll Free +1 855-800-ENZA (3692)

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Breeding and Producing Organic Seeds All Vitalis Organic Seeds are Certified Organic. We are committed to producing the highest quality organic seed, free of contaminants and adapted to the needs of diverse organic agriculture systems worldwide. We believe that organic agriculture begins with organic seed. All Vitalis varieties are developed without the use of genetic engineering and meet all organic certification requirements for the EU, US, Canada and Mexico. NO GMO Policy Enza Zaden and Vitalis have non-GMO declarations which state that all varieties currently released for testing and...

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