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ENZA ZADEN VltaliS Breeding and Producing Organic Seeds Escala • A reliable and grower friendly variety • Uniform, bright red bulbs with excellent internal quality • Dark green tops for manual or mechanical harvest • Suitable for processing, bunching or cello packs • Strong tolerance against cracking, as well as Rhizoctonia and Peronospora HARVEST PERIoD product form available Round - Slightly Elongated Processing, Bunch & Cello Celesta §? • An exceptional hybrid for Organic and Conventional production • Widely adaptable to many conditions and growing seasons • Reliable under cold, wet conditions with a fine tap root and long lasting tops • Strong skins and good Peronospora tolerance allows for a longer storage period • Suitable for cold season cultivation under glass, tunnels or open field production harvest period product form available Bunch & Cello Organic & Conventional Our standard OP variety named after the breeder himself Sturdy, dark green, short tops work well for bunching Uniform, round bulbs produce reliably under fast growing conditions Well suited for open field cultivation in a wide range of production areas product form available

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Pearl :§? • Eye-catching white color perfect for mixes and discerning markets • Attractive white round radish suitable for open field production • Versatile bulbs can be used for processing, cello or bunching • Very vigorous growth, small green neck and good resistance to cracking DISCLAIMER Descriptions, recommendations and illustrations included correspond as closely as possible to tests and practical experience. This information is provided to assist professional growers and users; however, variable local conditions must be taken into account. Under no circumstances shall Enza Zaden...

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