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Agriculture Irrigation 2019 - 232 Pages

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Agriculture Irrigation 2019

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The company VYR S.A. VYR S.A. is a Spanish company with over 45 years of experience n the manufacture of sprinklers and irrigation systems. Today is one of the leading irrigation companies and has an international presence on the five continents through a network of distributors in over 90 countries worldwide. One feature that has always defined our brand, and that always has concerned us, is to achieve the highest quality. So we want to thank all those who have placed their trust in VYR and from there to ensure that the quality and good service will always be our reason for being. Our...

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MANUFACTURER Production 100% CASTING FOUNDRY - PLASTIC INJECTION - STAMPING - DIECUTTING - MECHANIZATION ASSEMBLING - ELECTRONICS - R+D+i - QUALITY ASSURANCE - LOGISTICS - TECH SUPPORT The I+D+i (Research, Development and Innovation) of new products, quality control and implementation of the latest technological advances in the manufacturing process, make our brand to be the best tool to win our customers confidence. TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND TRAINING: VYR S.A. offers to all our customers the technical support to develop your projects more easily and effectively. There are also different...

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New nozzles VYR-3000 - VYR-3100 We expanded the range of modular micro-sprinkler nozzles offering multiple mounting combinations. FLOW: 30 - 160 L/H RANGE: 1 - 8,5 m PRESSURE: 1,1 - 3 BAR VYR-3400 TURBO-ROTEC Rotary sprinkler with silicone brake for reverse irrigation in pivot Interchangeable nozzles, plates and motor with color code. FLOW: 100 - 6000 L/H RANGE: 2,5 - 8 m PRESSURE: 1 - 3 BAR VYR-67 6 Full circle / part-circle sprinklers 3/4 "male / female in plastic. Two bayonet nozzles with angles of 25° and 30°. FLOW: 600 - 3200 L/H RANGE: 10 - 15 m PRESSURE: 2 - 4 BAR VYR-175 MINI-GUN of...

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"LATCH" programmer with 2 AAA 1.5 Vdc batteries. Connectivity through BLUETOOTH 5.0 through a downloadable APP for free for IOS and ANDROID mobile devices. Manual opening and closing with status light. Fittings for connection to faucet 1 "H and 3/4" H and output 3/4 "M or hose express fittings. "LATCH" programmer with 6 AAA Vdc or 9Vdc alkaline batteries. It has three models of 1, 4 and 6 stations, with 3 programs and 8 stations per program. Logical and easy to operate from membrane keypad with 6 keys. Quick manual opening and closing from the keyboard. New re-design of PG-6010 programmer...

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HydroCADIrrigation Design Software Compatible VYR SA It has a specialized department for the calculation and design of all types of sprinkler irrigation projects. From its initial measurement and topographic phase of the land to the hydrographic calculation and design of the spacings between sprinklers and laterals. Our engineers will offer you the best possible solution according to your needs. These are some of the different services that VYR S A it can offer: ■ Data collection (topography soil type, prevailing winds, availability of flow and pressure, measurements of tillage machinery,...

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COVERAGE SYSTEMS Irrigation MethodsContact oar technical department for the development of custom pnqects * With our HYDRO-CAD software. The most appropriate system for your fields ■ There are different methods of applying sprinkler systems depending on various factors: crop type, land extension, water requirements, soil texture, etc. VYR S.A. has created a series of adaptable designs to different types of crops depending on seasonality and hydraulic design models. ■ We can differentiate into 2 groups, mobile systems and fixed systems, and within these sub-groups: ■ Mobile Systems: - Low...

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Coverage Systems and Applications CROP APPLICATIONS The irrigation solution for each type of crop Cereals Irrigation systems fixed and mobile automatic extension. Recommended automation and sectorization for maximum performance. website Download from our .com www.vyrsa dations men irrigation recoms in different technical reports. crop Horticultural and Tuberculous High-rotation automatic and fixed irrigation systems. Stationary systems adaptable for variation of flow rates and irrigation frames with high frequency. Fruit Trees Automatic fixed and mobile irrigation systems adapted to...

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COVERAGE SYSTEMS Design, calculation and projects sizing VYR S.A. has specialized for the calculation and design of all types of sprinkler irrigation projects . Since its initial phase and topographic measurement of the land to the hydrographic calculation and design of sprinkler and lateral spacings. Our engineers will offer the best possible solution for your needs. These are some of the different engineering design services VYR S.A. can offer: · Collection of data (topography, soil type, prevailing winds, availability of flow and pressure measurements machinery tillage, crop types,...

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Agriculture Low Flow Irrigation

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AGRICULTURAL SPRINKLERS VYR-3000 MICRO-TWISTER ■ AG Micro-Sprinklers GENERAL PROPERTIES: ■ Modular assembly system. ■ Quick barb and threaded connection. ■ Manufactured in plastic Delrin for durability. ■ Easy maintenance and cleaning. ■ Nozzles in different color codes. Modular assembly system. ■ Radius of irrigation: 360° ■ Optional anti-bugs cap. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: ■ Range: 0.4 - 8.5 m ■ Flow: 30 - 160 l/h. Auto-compensation optional! ■ Working pressure: 1.1 - 3 BAR ■ Nozzles: Bayonet nozzles color coded. ■ Nozzle angle: From 8° to +25° ■ Maximum jet height: 1.3 m MODELS: Ref....

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Low Flow ■ Full circle AG TABLES & PARTS Niimero maximo de mlcroaspersores en lateral Maximum numoei til miCTn-amnWers

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VYR-3100 MINI-SPINNER · Full circle AG GENERAL PROPERTIES: · Riser-mounted rotating sprinkler for gardening, agriculture, floriculture and greenhouses. · 1/2” male connection. · Made of chrome-plated Zamac and copper. · Steel and rubber rotating joints. · Rotating diffuser and deflector. · This sprinkler is strong and durable enough to work for many years in urban gardens in tough conditions, caused by vandalism and impact from maintenance equipment. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: · Range distance: 0.4 - 8.5 m (1.3 - 28 ft.). · Flow: 90 - 318 L/H / 24 - 84 GPH. Auto-compensated OPTIONAL! ·...

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