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PRODUCT INFORMATION Monoseed Precision Spaced Planter. The Monoseed has been specially developed for precision spaced planting of research plots. The seeds of one variety can be divided over several rows within one plot using different distribution systems. The large range of add-on module systems ensures that the machine can be configured for the various demands of precisions spaced planting in field research. Your benefits summed up: Simple operation and excellent overview for driver and operator Broad field of possible application through different models: –– Monoseed B: Furrow opener for cereals, rape up to corn, beans, etc. –– Monoseed K: Furrow opener for beets –– Monoseed DT: Double disc openers for corn, soya beans, sunflowers, etc. –– Monoseed Vario: Basic frame for quick mounting of sowing systems Monoseed B, K and DT ■■ Broad field of possible application through different distribution systems as magazine system, central seed feeder or individual feeding ■■ ■■ WINTERSTEIGER AG, 4910 Ried/I., Austria, Dimmelstrasse 9, Tel.: +43 7752 919-0, Fax: +43 7752 919-57, seedmech@wintersteiger

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New control system GSC (Global Seed Control). ■ Simple operationduetoclear layout of machine and function keys ■ Easy adjustment of sowing parameters ■ No field measuring required in combination with measuring wheel ■ Monitoring of all functions and indicating malfunctions ■ Open interface to other systems ■ Sensors for seed monitoring system - optional ■ Recording sowing parameters (plot documentation) - optional Technical Data Monoseed B Basic machine Furrow opener for shallow placement of seeds Width: approx. 800 mm broader than sowing width 600 - 1300 kg, depending on components and...

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We reserve the right to make technical alterations. WINTERSTEIGER AG, 4910 Ried/I., Austria, Dimmelstrasse 9, Tel.: +43 7752 919-0, Fax: +43 7752 919-57,

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Monoseed B / GP / DT - 4

For corn, soybeans, sunflowers or similar 3-point hydraulics of tractor KUBOTA plot tractor Hege 76 tool carrier 2 - 4 rows Basic machine Type of seed Attachment facility Number of rows Row spacing Seed spacing Track width Feeding of distribution system Individual feeding Central seed feeder Magazine system Opener systems min. 40 cm, stepless adjustable Approx. 20 - 400 mm Depending on row spacing One funnel per row The same seed variety is equally distributed to several rows Seeds are filled in 4- or 6-row magazines and are disseminated fully automatic Double disc opneners for conventional...

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