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2020 Catalog - 2

Days on the Job: The Yetter Story IN 1930—in the midst of the Great Depression—Harry and Etta Yetter opened a rural machine shop. Farmers from all around the area traveled to western Illinois to purchase the Yetter solution: a wheel-cleaning device that removed and prevented mud buildup on metal tractor wheels. industry leader in designing planting attachments and precision fertilizer placement tools. Season after season, we strive to engineer profitable solutions that meet the challenges producers face in a constantly changing production agriculture environment. We firmly believe that the...

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2020 Catalog - 3

QUALITY MANUFACTURING KNOWLEDGEABLE SALES AND SUPPORT We can’t design real-world solutions from the office—our process has to start in your farms and fields. So each day, our team works with innovative farmers, dealers, and OEM partners like John Deere, AGCO, and Case IH. These relationships, combined with our extensive experience, help us engineer real, practical solutions for tough farming conditions. To manufacture our innovative product lineup, we rely on state-of-the-art facilities and technology. From locations in Colchester and Macomb, Illinois, and Yazoo City, Mississippi, we meet...

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2020 Catalog - 4

C LOSING W H E E L S The Finishing Touch All the work you put into planter setup and performance—not to mention seed, fertilizer, and chemical programs—could be useless if your seed trench is not properly closed. Yetter worked with our customers to develop the Twister Closing Wheels for no-till, minimum tillage, and conventionally tilled fields. Their twistedspike design breaks up the sidewall and closes the seed slot, setting the stage for more even emergence. 6200 TWISTER POLY CLOSING WHEEL Crumbles and firms soil at the same time » Twisted spikes enhance seed-tosoil contact and help...

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2020 Catalog - 5

C LO S I N G W HEELS Weather and field conditions change every year, and Twister Closing Wheels are a key component for even emergence. Real World Solutions Steve Pitstick - Illinois "I was able to close the furrow in heavy, no-till soybean residue, which helped ensure near-perfect emergence. This resulted in my highest no-till corn yields to date. Another bonus was being able to use this closing wheel in conventional till." The twisted-spike design of 6200 Twister Closing Wheels is key to breaking down sidewall compaction caused by planter opener discs. The spikes close and firm soil over...

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2020 Catalog - 6

6200 CAST SPIKE CLOSING WHEEL Closure in tough soil conditions » Crowned depth band controls spike depth/prevents seed disturbance » Teeth designed to lift, fracture, and warm soil to enhance seed-to-soil contact and speed emergence » Eliminates sidewall compaction » Operate as a pair of spikes or in conjunction with factorystyle rubber wheel OPTIONAL SCRAPER 6200 AIR-SEEDER-COMPATIBLE SPIKE CLOSING WHEEL Close the seed opening » Improves closing of seed furrow in seeding conditions » Eliminates potential sidewall compaction » Helps warm soil over seed and improve emerg

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2020 Catalog - 7

C LO S I N G W HEELS Seed trench closed with the Paddle Closing Wheel 6200 PADDLE CLOSING WHEEL™ Closes the seed trench in different soil types » Fractures sidewall as paddles enter and exit soil » Ensures full seed-tosoil contact, preventing yield-robbing air pockets » Creates uniform seed trench across entire seed zone » Helps warm soil to speed up emergence 6200 V CLOSING WHEEL Easily converts factory closing wheel to V-style closing wheel » Easily adjustable spring tension » Comes with 1" x 12" rubber tires, or substitute Cast Spike Closing, Poly Spike, or Paddle Wheels in parallel or...

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2020 Catalog - 8

C LOSING W H E E L S 6200 FIRMING WHEEL Gently firms the seedbed and helps prevent air pockets » Enhances seed-to-soil contact, leading to uniform emergence » Adjustable spring pressure » Complements closing wheels 6000 SHARKTOOTH® CLOSING WHEEL FOR CASE IH 2000 SERIES Fractures soil in hard or wet conditions » Eliminates the continuous cut that can occur in tough planting conditions » Works in minimum till, conventional, strip-till, vertical tillage, and no-till » Eliminates sidewall compaction to encourage root development » Loosens soil to close the seed trench, improving seedto-soil...

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2020 Catalog - 9

PLA N TI NG ATTA C H MENTS 6200-108 DRAG CHAIN 6200 DRAG CHAIN SHIELD Ensures closing of seed opening » Provides additional functionality to close the seed trench and help ensure uniform emergence » Prevents Drag Chains from flipping up on closing wheels » Chain can easily be raised as conditions dictate » 5⁄8" beveled twisted-link chain crumbles and moves the soil » Attaches easily to tail-wheel assembly on row unit 6200 INTERCHANGER KIT Fast, easy planter closing wheel changes » Makes it possible to use cordless impact wrench or ratchet to remove closing wheels, enabling quick change to...

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2020 Catalog - 10

P L ANTING AT TAC H M E NT S TrackTill®: Proven to Increase Yields Studies have shown that compaction caused by planter and tractor wheels, also known as "the pinch-row effect," can greatly reduce yields in the center rows. An average farm can lose up to 15 bushels per acre due to this pinchrow compaction. TrackTill uses its specially designed arrangement of 10-inch, ground-driven tines to eliminate this compacted area, helping you maximize root development. 9010 TRACKTILL Eliminate pinch-row compaction and achieve higher yields » 10" ground-driven tines fracture compacted soil tracks from...

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2020 Catalog - 11

Fits John Deere DB and most standard-frame planters For central-fill planters and narrow transport planters with central-hitch mounting point » Available to fit planters with 20"-22" row spacing or 30" row spacing » Features fully adjustable down pressure of the TrackTill unit » Units mount to central-mount toolbar that attaches to center of planter frame » Fits most central-fill planters with 30" row spacing » Units are frame-mounted to toolbar and fit between row units THE TRACKTILL ADVANTAGE Research conducted by Iowa State University has shown • an 8.12 bushel increase in the center...

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