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DROZDOWSKIZaktad Metalowy www.drozdowski.com.plWRP-58, WRP-38 The multisaw is designed to work as a resaw. The machine saws the cants (blocks). It is well suited to work in conjunction with band saws and frame saws. Both models (WRP-58 and -38) have an electronically controlled central system for lubricating the frame guides. The oil use is from 0,3 to 0,4 l per 8 working hours. The WRP-58 is designed to slit the cants (blocks) onto traditional planks, squared timber, scantlings, laths etc. The WRP-38 is designed to slit the planks onto very thin strips. Technical data: Horizontal clearance Working width Vertical clearance - wood height Saw frame stroke Rotational speed of main shaft Working feed Blades (length x width x thickness x kerf) Max number of blades - of 1mm thin blades Min sawing thickness (of plank) - with optional equipment Min length of cant/block Wood feeding height above ground Pressure of rollers Power installed: - main motor - feed motor - hydraulic pump motor - lubricating pump motor Frame saw dimensions Net weight including equipment

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